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24" x 70" Fixed Deck-Mounted Skylight - Tempered Glass - Fakro

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24" x 70" Fixed Deck-Mounted Skylight - Tempered Glass - Fakro

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22.5" x 70" Fixed Deck-Mounted Skylight - Tempered Glass - Fakro 

Product Code: BRH-FX-312-T-22.5-70 


Best Roof Hatches introduces the FX Fixed Deck-Mounted Skylight – Tempered Glass.   


FAKRO has made FX, the standard for venting skylights, to the highest standards for many years. Installing high-quality skylights made of solid natural wood and low-emission, heat-reflecting double glass throughout your building will make it run more efficiently and save energy. 



  • Solid and long-lasting 
  • Simple to set up 
  • Reduce electric bills 


Fixed Deck-Mounted Skylights are a glass type with an internal gasket system that captures and removes water from the air. Its insulation uses a perimeter gasket beneath the frame to seal the edge twice around the sash. 


As a result of its precise dimensions and 'bracket-free' frame, FX skylights are simple to install. With polyester paint-coated aluminum cladding, you can expect long-term value from your investment. 


Key Features:  

  • Class 3 hinges that are resistant to rust 
  • Fits roofs with angles between 15° to 85° and project sites up to 3,500 feet above sea level.  
  • Flashing is necessary, and you can buy it separately. 



  • Glass Type: Tempered glass over laminated glass  
  • Skylight Style: Fixed  
  • SHGC: 0.21  
  • U-factor [BTU/h ft2F]: 0.39  
  • VT visible transmittance: 0.41, 0.40  
  • CR condensation resistance: 54  
  • Air infiltration [cfm/ft2]: 0.03  
  • Water penetration [Pa]: 730  
  • Uniform Load Deflection.: 35 psf  
  • Uniform Load Structural: +150 psf / -110 psf 


Are you looking for high-quality construction materials? Best Roof Hatches is proud to serve more than 30,000 loyal customers with a wide range of commercial building products from well-known brands. 


Call (800) 431-8651 to talk to our team of product experts about any questions you have about skylights or to place an order. You can also ask for a quote, and we'll answer you within 30 minutes. You can also apply for credit if you need a way to pay for bulk orders. 

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