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Aluminum Cover with Galvanized Steel Personnel Roof Hatch - Babcock Davis provides safe access to roof areas. It is sized for ship stair, ladder, and service stair access. It features zinc-plated tamper-proof hinges, a metal cover to withstand 40psf live load, and a zinc-plated steel latch. It has optional safety railings, grab bars, and various finishes and materials. This roof hatch is easy to install and operate with a five-year warranty. 


Material: Galvanized steel 14 gauge 

Aluminum: 11 gauge

Finish: Powder coat (steel), Mill (aluminum) 

Cover: Formed metal cover with liner, stiffened to withstand a live load of 40psf with a max deflection of 1/150 the span.

Curb: Single wall curb with EZ tab counter flash and mounting flange

Insulation: 1-inch polystyrene in cover, 1-inch polyiso around curb or optional 2-inch Polyiso in cover and curb; R-12, specify -IRR

Gasket: Extruded EPDM adhesive-backed gasket seal, continuous around cover.

Spring/Hinge Assembly: Zinc plated steel tamper-proof hinges contained within spring assembly, including steel compression springs.

Hold Open Arm: Zinc plated steel automatic holds open arm locks cover in an open position.

Latch: Zinc plated steel latch with exterior and interior turn handles and padlock hasps. 90psf wind uplift for lengths >60 inches with 2-point rotary latch

Warranty: Five (5) years