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The aluminum roof hatches both lighter weight and often consider more attractive.Aluminum

Best Roof Hatches provides safe and convenient access to roof openings with our Aluminum Ship Stair Roof Hatch. It conforms to all OSHA standards for building and fall safety that apply to commercial and industrial buildings. Constructed from quality materials, this ship stair is easy to install and requires no maintenance. Our ship stair provides industrial and commercial buildings with a climbing angle between 50° and 70°.

Aside from that, this aluminum ship stair hatch has double-skin construction with insulation and a continuous EPDM foam weather/draft seal gasket. It has heavy-duty aluminum pintle hinges with gas spring operation that allows the cover to open and close with ease ensuring the safety of your personnel. It is best for weather-tight construction and supports 40lbs./sq. ft. live loads. For extra security, this product has inside and outside padlock provisions and uses aluminum hardware.

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