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The EL flashing kit is appropriate for use with curb-mounted Fakro skylights. To properly install skylights, flashing is a necessary step. Flashing details should be carefully constructed to create a long-lasting and precise fit with the material used for the roof. As the industry standard, manufacturers use aluminum for the flashing, which is then varnished with polyester to provide permanent protection.

You should also know that the EL flashing kit has a Butyl strip at its bottom section to protect it against harsh winds, rain, and severe stormy conditions. The flashing's side elements are laid alternately with the roofing material (maximum roofing thickness material 5/16")

Why Choose EL

  • For a long-lasting and durable exterior
  • Reduces the chances of damaging your roof
  • Increased protection from adversities
  • Compatible with different roofing materials, including shingles, plain tiles, double-lap roofing, and slates

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