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Galvanized Steel Quad Door SafeMax - Smoke Vent, Rooftop Close With Electrical Opening Mechanism - Babcock Davis is engineered with metal covers to withstand a live load of 40psf, emphasizing affordability and reliability. UL793 listed performance and features a quad leaf design, optional winch or linear actuator with a zinc-plated steel rotary latch, and heavy-duty pintle hinge with stainless steel hinge pins. These smoke vents are perfect for storage/warehouse and factory occupancies with a five-year warranty. 


Door: Quad Leaf

Material: Galvanized Steel: 14 gauge

Cover: Formed metal cover with liner internally stiffened to withstand a 40psf live load 

Curb: Single wall curb with EZ tab counter flash and mounting flange

Insulation: 1 inch polyiso R-6 in cover and around the curb

Gasket: Extruded EPDM adhesive-backed gasket seal, continuous around cover

Hold Open Arm: Zinc plated steel automatic hold open arm locks cover in an open position

Springs: Gas spring with damper opens cover against 10psf snow load in not less than 2 seconds

Hinge: Heavy-duty pintle hinge with stainless steel hinge pins

Latch: Zinc plated steel rotary latch designed to hold covers closed against 90psf for quad doors. Opens manually by external and internal pull cables. Opens automatically with a fusible link at standard temperature 165°F.

Certification: UL 793 listed

Warranty: 5 years