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Service Stair provides safe and convenient access.Service Stair

Contractors install roof hatches on commercial buildings for convenient access. Service stairs for roof hatches are ideal for these functions.  It is especially when you expect frequent roof access for different operations. These roof hatches permit effortless movement for maintenance personnel. Service stairs are also perfect when bringing tools from a stairway to your rooftop. Moreover, these hatches also pass the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) standards.

At Best Roof Hatches, we offer different service stairs for roof hatches. It ranges from galvanized steel aluminum to stainless steel construction. We aim to provide quality and convenience for our customers at all times. Our products allow safe and easy one-hand operation with its compression spring operators. It also has an automatic hold-open arm that locks the cover to open-position. This feature ensures safe egress when your other hand has tools or equipment.

Furthermore, our service stairs also consist of corrosion-resistant materials. With this, your hatch will last many dependable service years. They also have overlapping welded design with EPDM rubbers. It is perfect for insulating their cover for protection against weather hazards. Aside from that, using service stairs ensures security for your commercial building. It uses the best materials. They provide that the roof hatch is not breakable with force. Moreover, it has a heavy-gauge construction to make it sturdy. It comes with a positive latching mechanism to maintain building security.

Despite these, our roof hatches are easy to install. They have a flashing system that secures roofing material. We also have various sizes available for your preference. If you want other measures, we also offer customization, and we can have it ready within days.

Make the right choice by installing our service stairs for roof hatches today. Call us at 1-800-431-8651 or email us now!