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Heavy-duty materials and has an option for security grade locks.Security

Commercial and industrial buildings need secure roof hatches to ensure trespassers cannot gain entry. Looking for reliable security roof hatches is difficult to do, which is why Best Roof Hatches is here to supply them to you. To ensure efficient security while providing quick and easy access to the roof, Best Roof Hatches is here to show you the BA-RHG-SEC roof hatch.

What you need to know about this roof hatch is that the cover has a double-skin construction (“in box type design”) with 1” cellulose insulation and a continuous EPDM foam weather/draft seal gasket that is attached to the inside of the cover to provide a flush, tight fit. It’s also designed to support a live load of 40 lbs./sq. ft. For the curb, it’s a 10 gauge galvanized steel with 1” thick fiberboard roof insulation at the curb exterior. The curb is 12” high, 3.375” wide bottom flange and pre-drilled mounting holes.

Maintenance personnel can open the hatch with ease because of the heavy-duty galvanized steel pintle hinges with a ⅜” pin. Gas spring operators allow the cover to open and close without any difficulty. Pull handles on the interior allows for easy control when closing the cover. The roof latch is a self-latching, zinc plated outside T-handle with stainless steel inside lock and lever assembly. There’s a heavy-duty detention lock with a paracentric key, and it has interior and exterior padlock provisions. The BA-RHG-SEC has a material prepared with an iron phosphate wash, followed by a rust inhibiting primer, and then baked on polyester enamel paint.

Here at Best Roof Hatches, we ensure all our products can last long while providing quality security. Get in touch with us for more information about the product. You can also check out our website to view our other roof hatches that your building needs.