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At one point, your building personnel might need to transport large, heavy equipment to the roof. They can usually do it by using an industrial crane. However, it’s not ideal to do so because the process can cause potential problems and accidents. It also works as a smoke vent, which helps in diverting toxic smoke during a building fire. You should get the BRH-BSVEA-D, which is an Aluminum LightMax - Smoke Vent, Single Dome Rooftop Close.

The roof hatch sets the new standard or UL7933 rated daylighting smoke vents. It has a lightweight, low-profile design and an extruded apron mount flange, making it ideal for both new and retrofit construction. There are design considerations as well, such as total vent area required by code and application, effective vent area, and the roof structural support system. The cover is made of aluminum and a polycarbonate dome to withstand a live load of 40psf. It also has a Single wall curb with an “EZ” tab counter flash and mounting flange.

Don’t forget that you can get the BRH-BSVEA-D from reliable construction suppliers like Best Roof Hatches. We guarantee high-quality products to all of our clients. You can get in touch with us at 1-800-431-8651 if you need to utilize them for your construction project. You also have the option to get them in different sizes, ensuring that they will fit on the roof opening without a problem.

Once you order them, expect our products to arrive at their destination within five business days!