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If you are looking for convenient and economical roof hatch, you should check out our Galvanized Roof Hatch by Acudor. 

This heavy-duty roof hatch is perfect for weathertight construction with its 12” high insulated curb and weather-resistant gasket. It has an iron phosphate wash, a rust-inhibiting primer, and polyester enamel grey paint. Another special feature of this product is its double-skin galvanized steel cover to support a live load of up to 40lbs./sq. Ft. and ensure durability to its users.

Moreover, our Galvanized Roof Hatch by Acudor features an aesthetic and economical polycarbonate dome that offers daylight benefits for improved energy efficiency. Enjoy convenient use of this roof hatch, with its gas spring operators, and inside-pull handle that allows you to open and close the cover quickly. With this roof hatch,  you can provide convenient one-hand operation for personnel that need to bring equipment through the hatch. You can also ensure tighter security because this product is self-latching from the inside and the outside.

Our Galvanized Roof Hatch by Acudor comes in different sizes to suit the requirements of your commercial building. Send us your order and inquiries now!