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Thermally Broken features added insulation, a frame, and cover design that minimizes heat transfer.Thermally Broken

Protect your building from ozone hazards with our thermally broken roof hatches. These hatches use polyisocyanurate insulation for an ozone-friendly roof. It also has R-20+ for superior energy efficiency. With these features, this hatch can minimize thermal heat that affects your HVAC. Furthermore, our thermally broken products pass the ASTM C1363-11 test. This is a standard test method for the thermal performance of building materials. With our roof hatches, you can add points to your LEED certification.

Aside from that, our thermally broken roof hatches can secure you from any weather hazards. They have double-skin construction (“in box type design”) with 3” Polyiso (R-18) insulation. This material integrates a non-conductive separator between the interior and exterior metal surfaces. It provides superior thermal performance and improves energy sufficiency. Moreover, it has an EPDM weather draft seal gasket that assures weathertight construction. Its cover also has 11Ga Aluminum with a 20Ga aluminum inside liner. Its thickness is also adjustable to its suit sizes.

Best Roof Hatches also aims to provide contractors with convenient roof hatches that are convenient for their users. Our thermally broken roof hatches are also easy to use even with one-hand operation. It is because it has spring operators that allow the cover to open and close quickly. Moreover, these hatches guarantee safety with its heavy-duty aluminum pintle hinges. It also has a self-latching T-handle with lever and lock for additional security. We also offer different materials, such as aluminum, galvanized steel, and stainless steel.

Check out our wide array of thermally broken roof hatches designs and see the availability of sizes. If you are looking for a different size, we also offer customization. To send your orders, call us at (number) or send us an email right away! We will make sure to answer your inquiries and concerns about our products.