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Smoke Vents automatically open to release heat, smoke, and noxious fumes.Smoke Vents

Almost every commercial and industrial building needs to follow fire-building safety codes. One method of doing that is by installing Smoke Vents. A smoke vent is important in buildings that have flammable materials inside to release smoke, heat, and other poisonous gases from engulfing the inside of a building. When the heat produced from the fire reaches a certain temperature, the fusible link will automatically open the hatch without anyone having to manually open them. 

We can guarantee that our smoke vents are made from top-quality materials. We recommend choosing our best selling galvanized steel or aluminum smoke vents whenever you need to install them in commercial or industrial buildings. We have smoke vents that have a cover that is brake-formed, has a hollow-metal design with a 1” concealed fiberglass insulation, an overlapping flange, fully welded corners, and internally reinforced or 40 psf live load. The hinges are heavy-duty pintles with ⅜” Type 316 stainless steel hinge pins. 

When it comes to providing quality smoke vents, ensure you always get it from Best Roof Hatches. You can get more information about other smoke vent variants by checking out our website. To purchase these smoke vents, you can simply call us at 1-800-431-8651.