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When you have a roof hatch installed in a building, there will be a ladder so that personnel can access it with ease. To prevent people from falling because they lost their balance when climbing down the ladder, we recommend installing our BRH-LU Ladder Up Safety Post on your ladder.

You can install it on a fixed ladder below hatch covers, such as access doors and utility hole covers. It has a telescoping tubular section that locks automatically when fully extended. You can also control the upward and downward movement by using a stainless steel spring balancing mechanism. This telescoping post permanently mounts to the top two rungs of any fixed ladder to provide a positive handhold and ensure the entry or exit in an upright and balanced position.

It also comes with adjustable mounting hardware that can accommodate practically any ladder rung size or spacing when installing it. The Type LU is available in four levels of corrosion resistance to provide years of being repair or maintenance-free.

Provide more comfortable, safer ladder access through roof hatches, floor access doors, and maintenance holes with our BRH-LU today!


Pull up loop
Release rod w/vinyl lift handle
Lock up bracket
Balancing spring
Square tubing
Adjustable mounting channel
Clamp bracket
Stainless steel mounting bolts (⅜-16 x 2”)

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