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Adding skylights to your commercial area creates a pleasant atmosphere, making your lobby or entry more inviting. FAKRO's Electric Venting Skylight - Laminated Glass for deck-mounted installations is available from Best Roof Hatches. Our skylight is perfect for introducing natural light and fresh air into your commercial workspace. With a swipe of the remote, the skylight opens and shuts, and an integrated rain sensor automatically shutters it in the event of severe weather.

You get increased insulation by a unique perimeter gasket placed under the frame. Its compact design is sleek when installed on a rooftop, and an internal gasket drainage system protects the framing and drywall from dampness.

Why Choose FVE Electric Venting Skylight?

  • Our simple remote control makes it simple to open and close.
  • It improves the quality of the air you breathe.
  • It blends in with your roof's color and style
  • It quiets the environment and boosts energy conservation.
  • Anti-UV ray protection

It's as easy as that! Don't waste time and turn to Best Roof Hatches right away! We have a team of product experts that will guide you throughout the process to ensure you get the right product you require. Place your orders now at (800) 431-8651, and we will make sure your buying process will be smooth and easy. You can also create a custom quote request and get your quote back in 30 minutes!