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Are you looking for an roof hatch that will give you the added benefit of a skylight? Check out our RHGDD Galvanized Domed Roof Hatch by Acudor. This roof hatches features a combination of a polycarbonate double-skin dome and galvanized steel. It also has good insulation and a continuous EPDM foam weather/draft seal gasket. These features make the hatch cover suitable for any weather.

Aside from that, this product features aluminum extrusion. It also comes with a built-in condensation drainage channel. These accommodate the polycarbonate dome on the hatch. It is also easy to operate even with one hand. It has gas spring operators and stainless steel inside-pull handle.

Moreover, it uses heavy-duty aluminum material and a self-latching mechanism. It helps in giving you extra security on your building roof. The Galvanized Domed Roof Hatch is also easy to install. It has pre-drilled mounting holes that you can use for installation. 

Make sure to install our RHGDD Galvanized Domed Roof Hatch by Acudor on your building now. Call us to send your order right away!