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With Best Roof Hatches, we continuously prioritize safety, reliability, and affordability. By installing our high-quality BRH-BSVSA-S1R Quad Door SafeMAX Smoke Vent, these standards are within reach. It is ideal for commercial and industrial establishments such as factories, storage, and warehouses that require a total vent area. It can also help in compliance with the building safety code with its promising features. Moreover, this product offers security with its zinc-plated steel rotary latch that holds covers against 30psf and uses aluminum and steel materials. Its fusible link is also an advantage to automatically open the door at a temperature rise of 165°F. The insulation and the EPDM gasket seal also helps in weatherproofing the vent to avoid leaks and air infiltration. This smoke vent comes in various sizes to answer the requirement of buildings. We offer multiple sizes to accommodate the requirements of buildings. We take pride in giving you a wide variety of shipping options directly to your job site. Need a custom size? We can manufacture and ship in as little as five days! Our world-class customer service team looks forward to discussing all your Roof Hatch needs today! Feel free to contact us at 1-800-431-8651 for more details.