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Specialty roof hatches a combination roof ventilator/emergency exit that mounts nearly flush with the ceiling.Specialty

The roof of a commercial building needs proper maintenance on a regular basis. Propping up a ladder at the side of the building is tedious for maintenance personnel. Instead of using a ladder, they could use a roof hatch to gain access to the roof without any difficulty. Best Roof Hatches also has specialty roof hatches to suit your standards.

Introducing the GS-50-36-30 that features a virtually indestructible polycarbonate dome. The roof hatch also comes with a special EPDM gasketing with enhanced wind and weather resistance. An ozone-friendly polyisocyanurate insulation (R-20+) provides superior energy efficiency, and meets LEED® standards for recycled content. 

For the material of the cover and frame, they are an 11 gauge (2.3mm) aluminum. The cover is a brake formed, hollow-metal design with 3” (75mm) concealed polyisocyanurate insulation (R Value of 20+), 5” (100mm) beaded, overlapping flange, fully welded corners, and internally reinforced for 40 psf (195kg/m2) live load. The curb is 12” (305mm) in height with integral cap flashing, 3” (75mm) polyisocyanurate insulation (R Value of 20+), also fully welded corners, and 5-½” (114mm) mounting flange with 7/16” holes (11mm) provided for securing the frame to the roof deck. The roof hatch comes with an extruded EPDM rubber gasket that is permanently adhered to the cover. There are heavy-duty pintle hinges with ⅜” (9mm) Type 316 stainless steel hinge pins. Anyone can easily operate the hatch because of compression spring operators enclosed in telescopic tubes. There’s also an automatic hold-open arm with a grip handle release. You can get the GS-50-36-30 in a mill-finish aluminum. 


Make sure to check out our website if you want to see other specialty roof hatches. We also have other types of roof hatches that might fit well within your building. To purchase roof hatches from us, give us a call right away!