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Railings provide a permanent means of fall protection for roof hatch openings.Railings

Whenever maintenance personnel are working on the roof, they need to gain safe and easy access all the time. There are several methods to make sure they can safely gain access to the roof like installing Railings. These safety rails are relevant accessories, especially when there’s frequent access to the roof. If you’re planning to get one, make sure to get it from Best Roof Hatches!

Our railings are designed for all types of roof hatch applications to make accessing the roof as safe as possible. Most commercial and industrial buildings have high elevations and no one will know when accidents will happen. What makes the railings safe is it surrounds all four corners of the opening, making sure no one falls over right after passing through the roof hatch. You can get the railings in yellow-painted for safety purposes or choose a galvanized finish so that you can paint over. The rails are made of ¼” schedule 40 pipes in 6061 T6 aluminum alloy and aluminum post supports. The 3” frame opening is enough for safe ingress and egress. 

Make sure to check out our website to read more details about our safety railings. If you plan on purchasing these railings for your next or current construction projects, give us a call at 1-800-431-8651. Call now!