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You can trust that Best Roof Hatches will always provide you with the quality roof hatches you need for easy access to your roofs. This is why we are proud to introduce BRH-BSVLB-SNR,Single Door LightMAX Smoke Vent that provides reliability and affordability. With its unique configuration, it is ideal for storage and factory buildings along with elevator shafts. The material of this hatch is 11 gauge steel and 14 gauge aluminum that promises durability. Unlike other hatches, it uses a 5/8 inch structural multi-wall white polycarbonate for its cover that makes it look aesthetic. It can also withstand harsh weather with its 1 inch polyiso R-6 insulation and extruded EPDM adhesive-backed gasket seal. With a fusible link, it automatically opens at a standard temperature of 165°F.

Lastly, we take pride in giving you a wide variety of shipping options directly to your job site. Need a custom size? We can manufacture and ship in as little as five days! Our world-class customer service team looks forward to discussing all your Roof Hatch needs today! Feel free to contact us at 1-800-431-8651 for more details.