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Usually, a construction contractor will need an energy-efficient roof hatch. If you ever need one, you can get the Aluminum Equipment Access Roof Hatch - Bilco. This type of roof hatch also meets the LEED standards for recycled content. 

When looking at this roof hatch, the cover and frame material is 11 gauge (2.3mm) aluminum. It has an extruded EPDM rubber gasket permanently adhered to the cover. The curb is 12” (305mm) in height with integral cap flashing. It also has 2” (50mm) polyisocyanurate insulation (R-Value of 12). It is also easy to install at any time. This hatch has a 4-½” (114mm) mounting flange with 7/16” holes (11mm) provided to secure the frame onto the frame deck. 

Moreover, you can find that the cover is brake-formed, hollow-metal design. It has 2” (50mm) concealed polyisocyanurate insulation and 4” (100mm) beaded, overlapping flange. This roof hatch is also intentionally reinforced for 40 psf (195kg/m2) live load. 

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