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Galvanized steel roof hatch permits effortless movement for maintenance.Galvanized Steel

If your building roof needs a large access opening, our Galvanized Equipment Access Roof Hatch is well-suited for the job.

This panel provides convenient and economic access for equipment that will go to and from the roof of your building. With its 12” high insulated curb and weather/draft seal gasket, it can support weathertight construction. It also has double-skin structure which makes it perfect for accommodating a live load of 40 lbs./sq. Ft. If you need extra security for your roof hatch, the inside and outside padlock provisions of this product are the right choices for you.

If you’re looking for convenience, our Galvanized Equipment Access Roof Hatch should be at the top of your list. Its self-latching hatches has gas spring operators and an inside pull handle that lets you open and close the hatches with ease. Moreover, it already has pre-drilled mounting holes for an easy installation. We also offer polycarbonate domes for those who want lots of natural daylight for enhanced energy proficiency. This roof hatch is also perfect for providing higher curb heights in your green roof.

Install our Galvanized Equipment Access Roof Hatch for economic and convenience benefits. Send us your order by calling us or ordering through our website.