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Keep in mind that you'll need specific skylights on flat roofs. Fortunately, you have the DRF Flat Roof Access Skylight to install on flat roofs. It's an energy-efficient product that acts as a skylight and entry point to the roof. It also has a unique opening system of patented hinges and gas springs that open the window safely and secure it in an 80 degrees position.

You can find unique hinges and a functional opening system used in the access roof light to ensure easy sash opening to 80 ° in windows in sizes 90x90 and 100x100, while in sizes 90x120 and 120x120, it opens to 60 °.

Why Install the DRF Flat Roof Access Skylight?

  • It acts as a skylight and a roof entry point
  • Suitable for green roofs

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