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24" x 70" Manual Venting Deck-Mounted Skylight - Tempered Glass - Fakro

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24" x 70" Manual Venting Deck-Mounted Skylight - Tempered Glass - Fakro

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22.5" x 70" Manual Venting Deck-Mounted Skylight - Tempered Glass - Fakro 

Product Code: BRH-FV-312-T-22.5-70 


Best Roof Hatches' FV Manual Venting Deck-Mounted Skylight – Tempered Glass from Best Roof Hatches may transform your commercial area into a lovely place to work and relax. Improve your space’s insulation and ventilation properties and enjoy the health advantages of natural sunlight and fresh air.   

FV has long been the standard for venting skylights, and FAKRO makes it to the highest possible specifications. Skylights made of solid natural wood and low-emission and heat-reflecting double glass can increase efficiency and help save energy in your building.  



  • Long-lasting and durable 
  • Simple installation 
  • Reduces electricity consumption 


Our Deck-Mounted Skylights with Manual Venting - Tempered glass doesn't get condensation because it has an internal gasket system that collects moisture from the outside and drains it away. The perimeter gasket under the frame creates a dual seal between the frame and the sash for improved insulation.   

As a result of its precise dimensions and 'bracket-free' frame, FV skylights are simple to install. With polyester paint-coated aluminum cladding, you can expect long-term value from your investment.  




  • Class 3 hinges that are resistant to rust 
  • Applicable to roof pitches between 15-85° and project locations as high as 3,500 feet above sea level. 
  • Flashing is necessary, and you can buy it separately. 




  • Glazing unity: G31 Tempered-Laminated 
  • SHGC: 0.19 
  • U-Factor (BTU/h ft2F) (Thermo Flashing): 0.38
  • U-Factor (BTU/h ft2F) (Regular Flashing): 0.41 
  • VT Visible Transmittance: 0.36 
  • CR Condensation Resistance: 65 
  • Air Infiltration (cm/ft2): 0.04 
  • Water Penetration (Pa): 730 
  • Uniform Load Deflection: 45 psf 
  • Uniform Load Structural: +90 psf/-67.5 psf 


Best Roof Hatches is proud to serve more than 30,000 loyal customers with a wide range of commercial building products from well-known brands. 

Call (800) 431-8651 to talk to our product experts about any questions you have about skylights or to place an order. You can also ask for a quote, and we'll answer you within 30 minutes. You can also apply for credit if you need to pay for bulk orders to make shopping easier. 


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