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30" x 36" Manual VentedFlat Roof Deck-Mounted Skylight DMF - Triple Glazed - Fakro

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30" x 36" Manual VentedFlat Roof Deck-Mounted Skylight DMF - Triple Glazed - Fakro

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30" x 36" Manual Vented Flat Roof Deck-Mounted Skylight DMF - Triple Glazed - Fakro 

Product Code: BRH-DMF-30-36 


Your commercial buildings' interiors will benefit from proper lighting if you install the Manual Vented Deck-Mounted Skylight DMF - Triple Glazed. It has a sleek, low-key look that goes well with most commercial building styles and lets natural light into the room. 


Benefits of Deck-Mounted Skylight: 

  • With most roofing styles, this sleek and plain design works nicely 
  • Improves the quality of indoor natural light in any structure 


The deck-mounted skylight features triple DU6 glazing. There is 14-inch-thick laminated glass on the exterior, which provides excellent protection against hailstorms. It also offers efficiency due to the triple and quadruple glazed skylights' high R-value and airtightness. 


The DMF flat roof window features double-chamber DU6 glazing, evaluated for its sound insulation properties during heavy rain. Its superior sound insulation feature confirms a prominent level of resistance to sound penetration, making the skylight an excellent choice for noise reduction.  


Skylight Specifications:   


  • Window U-value - 0.70 W/m²K  
  • Glazing U-value - 0.5 W/m²K  
  • Glazing R-value - 11.36  
  • U-factor (skylight) - 0.22 [BTU/h ft2F]  
  • Glazing Unit - 6H-18-4H -20-33.2T  
  • Inert Gas Filled Panes - Argon  
  • Rough opening (AxB) - 29? x 29?  
  • Outside Frame (SxL) - 39¼ x 39¼  


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