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32" x 46" Solar Powered Venting Deck-Mounted Skylight - Laminated Glass - Fakro

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32" x 46" Solar Powered Venting Deck-Mounted Skylight - Laminated Glass - Fakro

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30.5" x 45.5" Solar Powered Venting Deck-Mounted Skylight - Laminated Glass - Fakro 

Product Code: BRH-FVS-506-L-30.5-45.5 

Skylights level-up your business space's aesthetic and make your entrance or lobby feel warm and inviting. Best Roof Hatches offer the FAKRO Solar Powered Venting Skylight - Laminated Glass to help their customers improve their business facilities.  

Our skylights are a great way to add natural light to your home while saving on energy costs. There is no electrical wiring required and it can open and close automatically. If it starts to rain, the built-in rain sensor will complete it for you. 

Benefits of Solar Powered Venting Skylight:  

  • Our easy-to-use remote opens and closes it.  
  • Invigorates and purifies your air  
  • Matches your roof  
  • Reduces the noise  
  • Enhances the effectiveness of energy use  
  • Protects against ultraviolet rays  

Brighten your commercial building with FAKRO solar-powered vented skylights, which also help to circulate fresh air. Your building's occupants will appreciate the convenience of radio-controlled motors, remote controls, and built-in rain sensors when you add skylights.  

Because of the "bracket-free" framing, the installation only takes one person to accomplish. It includes components like a rain sensor and pre-cutting templates in the package.  

Special Features: 

  • Under the frame is a special perimeter gasket that provides increased insulation.  
  • The roof-mounted unit has a low profile for a clean appearance. Framing and drywall are protected from moisture by an internal gasket drainage system. 
  • The pressure-treated and factory-lacquered pine internal wood frame provides a durable interior finish.  
  • For full warranty coverage, use the ELA-T or EH flashing kit (available separately) with the FAKRO EL, ELA-T, or EH flashing kit.  


Maximum roof pitch: 85 degrees  

Minimum roof pitch: 15 degrees  

Exterior Material: Aluminum  

Installation Type: Deck mount  

Warranty: 10-year limit  

Interior Frame Material: Wood base  

Type: Skylight  

Frame Color/Finish: Grey  

Glass Insulation: Dual pane  

Glass Type: Tempered glass over laminated glass  

Glazing Type: Laminated  

Skylight Style: Solar-Powered Venting  

Remote Control Included: Yes  

All the finest brands are available at Best Roof Hatches. We never lose sight of the importance of safety and convenience and the quality and satisfaction of our customers.  

Call (800) 431-8651 to talk to our team of product experts about any questions you have about skylights or to place an order. You can also ask for a quote, and we'll answer you within 30 minutes. You can also apply for credit if you need a way to pay for large orders. 

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