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36" x 48" Triple Glazed Fixed Flat Roof Deck-Mounted Skylight DXF - Fakro

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36" x 48" Triple Glazed Fixed Flat Roof Deck-Mounted Skylight DXF - Fakro

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36" x 48" Triple Glazed Fixed Flat Roof Deck-Mounted Skylight DXF - Fakro 

Product Code: BRH-DXF-36-48 


The 36" x 36" Fixed Flat Roof Deck-Mounted Skylight DXF can illuminate the interiors of your commercial buildings. In addition to bringing natural light indoors, the result is a sleek, discreet aesthetic that fits well with most commercial building facades.  


Benefits of Deck-Mounted Skylight: 

  • Design that goes nicely with a wide range of roofing styles  
  • Improves the quality of indoor natural light in any structure  


The triple DU6 glazing on the deck-mounted skylight makes it possible to install the skylight. Hailstorms are no match for the 1/4" exterior glass, laminated for maximum protection. Triple and quadruple glazed skylights are ideal for energy efficiency because of their high R-value and tightness.  

All-skylight U=0.70 W/m2K*(to EN 14351-1), while all-skylight U=0.64 W/m2K** (to EN 14351-1) thermal conductivity co-efficient (to EN 14351-1).  

The DEF flat roof window has DU6 double-chamber glazing, and it is also tested for sound insulation when it is raining heavily. According to this test, the skylight has outstanding sound-dampening properties, with an LIA value of 36 [dB]*.   

DMF DU6, DMF SECURE (PK) DU6, DRF DU6, and fixed DXF DU6 skylights are all affected by this outcome, according to ISO 10140-1/A2:2014.  



Window U-value - 0.70 W/m²K  

Glazing U-value - 0.5 W/m²K  

Glazing R-value - 11.36  

U-factor (skylight) - 0.22 [BTU/h ft2F]  

Glazing Unit - 6H -18-4H -20-33.2T  

Inert Gas Filled Panes - Argon  

Rough opening (AxB) - 34¾ x 34¾  

Outside Frame (SxL) - 44? x 44?  


All the finest brands are available at Best Roof Hatches. We never lose sight of the importance of safety and convenience and the quality and satisfaction of our customers.   

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