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48" x 96" Acoustical Smoke Vent - Bilco

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48" x 96" Acoustical Smoke Vent - Bilco

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Commercial and industrial buildings need smoke vents to eliminate smoke within a building during a fire. Note that inhaling the toxic fumes generated from the fire can cause a person to suffocate and cause other severe health complications. One type of smoke vent you can get is the 48" x 96" Acoustical Smoke Vent - Bilco. It comes with a multi-wall polycarbonate cover design that resists UV degradation and offers superior insulation performance over traditional domes.

Other features of the smoke vent include:

  • Material: Cover is 14 gauge (2 mm) G-90 paint bond galvanized steel.
  • Covers: Brakeformed, hollow-metal design with 4" (100 mm) mineral wool insulation, 5-3/4" (146 mm) beaded, overlapping flange, fully welded at corners, and internally reinforced for 40 psf (195 kg/m2) live load.
  • Curb: 12" (305mm) in height with integral capflashing, 4" (100 mm) fiberboard insulation, fully welded at corners, and 6-7/8" (175mm) mounting flange with 7/16" holes (11mm) provided for securing frame to the roof deck.
  • Gasket: Extruded PVC gaskets permanently adhered to the underside of the cover and the top of the curb.
  • Hinges: Heavy-duty pintle hinges with 3/8" (9 mm) type 316 stainless steel hinge pins.
  • Latch: Positive hold/release mechanism controlled by a single UL-listed 165°F (74°C) fusible link with a separate latching point for each cover. Designed to hold the covers closed against a 90 psf (438kg/m2) wind uplift force. Provided with interior and exterior pull release cables to manually open vent covers.
  • Operation: When the acoustical smoke vent is released, high performance gas springs open covers against a 10 psf (49kg/m2) snow/wind load and lock covers in the open position. Gas springs have integral dampers to assure a controlled rate of cover opening and have a cyclic durability of 50,000 cycles.
  • Performance Ratings: STC-50, OITC 46, and ISO 140-18 (rainfall - 37.5 db) sound ratings. UL-listed.
  • Comply with UL 793 and UL 790 Class A (burning brand test).
  • Finish: Alkyd base red oxide primer. 
  • Hardware: Corrosion-resistant gas springs and hot dip galvanized steel stop cables. All other hardware is zinc plated/chromate sealed.

Don’t forget that you can also buy them in different sizes to ensure that it’ll fit on whatever construction project you have. If you want to get them right away, contact Best Roof Hatches at 1-800-431-8651!

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