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​4 Good Reasons to Have Ladder Access for Roof Hatches

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​4 Good Reasons to Have Ladder Access for Roof Hatches

Posted by Best Roof Hatches on 2022 Mar 9th

A wise establishment owner will always prioritize the state and quality of their commercial building. The most common part of an establishment susceptible to damages is the roof. The roof is responsible for providing safety, security, and comfort to the people inside your building, which is why it requires regular checking and maintenance.

Roof hatches are convenient for roofing contractors responsible for keeping your roof in great shape and quality. Roofing can be a life-threatening profession, even in optimal weather and working conditions. Working at high elevations, steep slopes, and near unprotected edges is routine in a professional roofer's work.

According to Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), in 2017, they closed exceeding 90 Federal and State investigations into fatalities relating to ladder use on job sites across the country. Many of these fatalities result from falls. Alone, these situations can pose a significant risk to roofers' health and safety.

The job can go from risky to outright dangerous with the common environmental factors on any given day. Because of the risks, installing ladder access is one essential safety tip for roof hatches.

What is a Ladder Access?

Ladder access is also known as a fixed access ladder. This equipment is a vertical ladder that is permanently attached to a structure. It allows climbers an extra measure of stability. While primarily used to provide roof access, fixed ladders have a variety of applications in both commercial and industrial settings.

Here is the list of reasons you should install ladder access for your roof hatch:

1. Supports Balance

When accessing the roof, gravity is the main villain for maintenance personnel. We don't want any slippage or accidents that will cause injuries to occur on the worksites. Ladder access acts as the sidekick for roof contractors. They do not only help contractors easily access roof hatches, but it also helps with their balance since ladder access is stable and has railings for extra support.

2. Easy Access to Your Roof

Some essential mechanical systems such as HVACs and ventilation are commonly situated on the roof. Therefore, check-ups, maintenance, or repairs on your roof can be quite often a difficult task. Thankfully, ladder access is available for installations. You'll be confident enough that this equipment will safely bring you to your roof destination. Make sure that your ladder access is manufactured from high-quality materials that will last for a long time.

3. Safety

Roof construction tasks are one of the riskiest jobs prone to unwanted injuries. It is why construction companies prioritize safety routines such as wearing hard hats, safety gloves, and harnesses.

4. Cost

Having ladder access can save you on expenses. Since your roof hatch will have a safer and secured access, your roofing contractors will be able to regularly check your critical mechanical systems, as well as maintain the condition of your roof. This advantage will save you money from expensive roofing repairs and accident costs.

Prioritizing the safety of your staff is vital as an establishment owner. It would be an advantage if you always prioritized the needs of your workers, especially when it comes to a dangerous task that can risk their well-being. It is essential to provide the right equipment for them, to keep them confident and safe during a job. Having ladder access for your roof hatch is one of the things you should prioritize since repairs and maintenance are regular tasks for your roof.

If you're looking for quality ladder access for your roof hatch, be sure to visit Best Roof Hatches, where we always make sure to provide quality materials for any of your construction needs. Give us a call now! You can contact us at (800) 431-8651 for more details.