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DIY Checklist For Installing Shingle Roofing

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DIY Checklist For Installing Shingle Roofing

Posted by Best Roof Hatches on 2021 Dec 28th

We live in a day and age where information is easy to come by. You can attempt some of the bigger jobs traditionally left to professionals, like shingle roofing, if you have the skills and the confidence. To properly install a shingle roof, you will need to have some necessary materials and equipment on hand.

Here is a list of items that you may need during installation:

1. Dumpster - You will need a roll-away dumpster rental to remove the old roofing material. When it comes to dumpsters, you may need a permit depending on where you’re going to place it. If it’s just on your driveway, you’re probably good without one. The right size of the dumpster you need for your project will depend on the amount of debris produced.

2. Roofing hatchet, hammer, and nail guns - Nails guns fasten roof shingles to the roof. They often have a safety concern, but they are significantly faster than hammers. Many roofers also go with roofing hatchets or hammers for ease of use. You can opt to use either of the two options or both, depending on the nature of your project.

3. Air compressor - Air compressors run pneumatic tools for air nailers, staplers, and other compression devices.

4. Tarps - They cover or secure the exposed sections of the roof from water damage caused by rain. You can also use tarps to keep your garden free of shingle pieces and nails during a roof replacement.

5. Sawhorses - When using a circular saw, you will need these to place and brace the material that needs cutting.

6. Shingle cutter (roofing blade or utility knife) - This tool is used to cut the shingles.

7. Scoop Shovel, Roofing Shovel or Pry Bar - These are used to remove the old roofing material and pry off nails.

8. Chalk line tools - You'll require a chalk reel and chalk to snap a line on the roof that you'll follow when installing new shingles.

9. Laser tool or measuring tape - You will need to use a laser tool or measuring tape to ensure the proper alignment of shingles.

10. Caulking gun or Cement Bucket and Trowel - These are used to apply roofing cement around the roof joints.

11.Reciprocating saw and Circular Saw - These are used to cut out roof decking or other materials.

12. Ladder and Extension Ladders - You will need these when working on roofs of different heights. They also come in handy when you reach higher areas. You may also consider installing a roof hatch safety railing to gain safe and easy access while working.

13. Roofing Shoes or Boots - Wearing the right shoes or boots while working on a roof is essential. The wrong type of shoes can lead to slips and falls.

14. Magnetic Sweeper - This is used to remove stray nails from the lawn after a roofing job.

15. Roof Brackets or Toe Boards - If you are working on a building that has a roof with a steep pitch, you might need toe board or brackets for some footing.

16. Broom - You'll need this when cleaning up your garden after a roof replacement.

17. Rake - This is used to remove any nails or broken pieces of shingles from the yard or driveway after installation is completed. You can also use it to smooth out any dirt from the project.

18. Truck - If you don't have a truck to transport the dumpster, you can rent one from a rental company.

The following is additional equipment needed for a shingle roof installation:

  • Hard hats
  • Tin snips
  • Hammer tacker stapler
  • Drill
  • Utility knife or roofing blade
  • Ladder hoist

This DIY roofing checklist will depend upon the slope of your roof and your budget.


Installing a shingle roof requires a lot of planning and time, but the final results are more than worth it. The equipment mentioned above will help make your project go smoothly. Make sure to get quotes from roofers if you're unsure of how much all of this will cost you. You can also begin with an easier project like installing the roofing for your shed or simple shingle roof replacement.

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