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​Expert Tips on Improving Insulation Using Thermally Broken Hatches

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​Expert Tips on Improving Insulation Using Thermally Broken Hatches

Posted by Best Roof Hatches on 2022 May 18th

Having an energy-efficient commercial building is one of the few goals of every establishment owner. Environmental friendly and sustainable operations have become significant aspects for any business globally. Energy-efficient buildings help minimize carbon footprint, but you can also save money on energy bill-cost annually. One way you can achieve energy efficiency is by having proper building insulation.

Insulation is the most effective way to enhance the energy efficiency of an establishment. It helps trap heat in cold seasons but keeps heat out during hot climates to help you save energy and improve occupant comfort. Insulating a commercial building can help you save from 45 to 55% of heating and cooling power.

Insulation acts as a resistance to heat flow. By insulating, you can significantly reduce your heating and cooling bills and help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The higher the R-value of insulation, the more it slows heat flow and works better. If you want to establish proper insulation in your commercial building, every opening in your facility must be insulated, including your roof. Various insulating materials are suitable for your roof. One great product you can try is the thermally broken hatches.

What are Thermally Broken Hatches?

The latest innovation in roof hatch manufacturing companies is the thermally broken roof hatch. Thermally broken hatches deliver the best thermal performance, exceeding more than 50 percent of standard hatches. Thermally broken roof hatches feature R-20+ insulation and a cover and frame design that decreases heat transfer from the interior and exterior metal surfaces.

This product can resist harmful condensation and provides superior energy efficiency. Thermally broken hatches roofs are designed with an element of low conductivity integrated between the interior and exterior surfaces of the frame and cover to reduce temperature transfer.

Benefits of Installing Thermally Broken Hatches

Prevent Heat Transfer

Heat conduction is one of the major causes of rising temperature in a commercial building, especially for not properly insulated establishments. Without proper insulation, you may have to overuse your HVAC systems, increasing the cost of energy bills. A thermally broken hatch is designed with an element of low conductivity integrated from the interior and exterior areas of the cover and frame to minimize temperature transfer. By installing this product, you can keep the internal environment of your establishment at optimum temperature.

Easy Access on Roof

The primary purpose of roof hatches is to allow authorized personnel to have safe and easy access to your roofing systems if there is any need for maintenance, checkups, or repairs. Your roofing contractor won't need to prop an unstable ladder to get on your roof whenever damage occurs.

Improve Building Acoustics

Because of its thermally broken components, it not only works as an effective insulator but can also dampen vibration that provides improved acoustic performance against outside noise. It will be an advantage for an establishment that requires exquisite acoustics, such as studios, movie theaters, schools, and more.

Save Money

Because thermally broken hatches provide excellent additional insulation to your building, energy efficiency inside your building is maintained. You will be astounded at how much proper insulation can minimize your energy bill cost. Since roof hatches provide access to your roof, conducting regular checkups can be done with ease and will prevent you from having more extensive damages on the top that can cost you more money on replacements and repairs.

The Takeaway

If proper building insulation is needed, purchasing thermally broken hatches should also be on your "must buy" list. Make sure you ask for opinions from your engineer or architect before purchasing. Also, choose the proper roof hatch manufacturing company to provide you with the high-quality products you need.

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