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How Improper Installation Affects Your Roofing Project

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How Improper Installation Affects Your Roofing Project

Posted by Best Roof Hatches on 2021 Nov 3rd

Your commercial building’s roofing is one of the most critical components that ensure everyone inside stays safe from the many harsh weather elements. You can achieve a high level of roof protection when you get the suitable roofing material that fits your surroundings. However, it cannot offer protection if contractors don’t follow the proper roofing installation methods.

That’s why commercial building owners look for professional roofing contractors with years of experience when they want their roofing installed the right way. Failing to follow the proper installation can cause different problems to come up with the roofing project. Best Roof Hatches can give you the different facts of how an improper installation will affect your roofing project.

1. Potential Water Leaks

The first sign that your commercial building has incorrectly installed roofing is when it starts leaking, even when it’s new or recently repaired. Your roofing contractor might leave out tiny cracks or gaps unsealed that can cause rainwater to go inside the building. It can also damage other components underneath the roofing like the attic, electrical wires, or plumbing pipes.

The worst problem with incorrectly installed roofing is when the rainwater passes through electrical wires or panels, which can cause one section or the entire building to have electrical issues. You’ll have to deal with a ton of problems besides repairing the roof. If you want to know how to handle a bad roofing job, the first step is to find the best roofer.

2. Pooling Rainwater

The next issue is also about rainwater pooling on top of the roof, which is never a good sign as it can slowly damage your roof. Note that even flat roofs will have drainages like gutters that redirect water out of them. You’ll never know when water will start pooling on the roof. That’s why you need a roofer or building technician to inspect it.

When you have flat roofs, you will find this problem, so the best option is to form tapered areas over the roof’s surface. The slight slopes it creates can eliminate water from the roof and into the drains or gutters, ensuring no pooling water will collect.

3. Extreme Temperature Changes

Another issue when contractors don’t install your roof correctly is that the inside will experience severe temperature changes. You might have to turn on our building’s HVAC systems to max settings because it’s either too cold or hot for everyone inside. You might not know that your roof is the one causing the sudden shift in temperatures.

The weather outside can pass through small, unsealed openings on the roof, which is why the temperature shifts within your building. You can quickly repair them by having your roofing contractor apply the proper roofing sealant. If the same problem keeps happening, you might need to replace the entire roofing and have a reliable person do the installation correctly.

4. Roofing Damage Due to Strong Winds

If your area experiences constant strong winds every year, improperly installed roofing will cause the roofing to rip apart and fly off. You don’t want that happening, especially when you have several people inside the building, as it can cause a huge deal of inconvenience to everyone. Rainwater will go inside, making the ceiling leak with water that can damage things like computers, furniture, and even structures.

If you find any signs of a bad roofing job, make sure you deal with it as quickly as possible. Ignoring it for a long time can make it worse, causing you to spend more money and time to get it fixed. You can also rely on Best Roof Hatches if you need products like a roof hatch to give you convenient entry to your building’s roof. Give us a call at 1-800-431-8651 if you have any questions about our products. We also have a website where you can check out our roof hatches and other products at