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​How Installing a Skylight Roof Hatch Leads to Better Energy Efficiency

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​How Installing a Skylight Roof Hatch Leads to Better Energy Efficiency

Posted by Best Roof Hatches on 2022 Jun 22nd

Adding different features to a building will always positively impact the people using or moving around. One type of building feature you may need is skylight roofing, and it's the most common you will see on buildings that want to bring in natural sunlight. Take note that natural lighting can have many positive benefits that most people will love, so you have to take advantage of those benefits if you own a commercial building.

What makes a skylight roof hatch even better is how you can avoid encountering expensive energy bills. You don't have to purchase new and costly lighting systems that reduce energy consumption because you can get the job done by using a simple roofing skylight. If you don't think you need a skylight in your building, you have to read about its many benefits once installed.

1. Reduce the use of indoor lighting

The first advantage you can get out of skylight roof hatches is you lessen the use of indoor lighting as much as possible. You have to know that several indoor lighting systems can consume tons of energy within a day, especially those that you turn on every day. In most cases, people will use indoor lighting due to lacking windows or any opening that provides natural lighting.

Once you have skylight roof hatches installed on your building, you can lessen or prevent people from turning on indoor lighting every day because they have sunlight to use as their light source. You can install large skylights in factories or small, window-sized ones inside offices that suit your standards.

2. Provide additional heating during cold seasons

Another reason to install skylights is that they provide extra heating during winter or cold seasons. People will rely on HVAC systems to warm their buildings up and offer a comfortable space for everyone during these times. However, that also means higher energy bills because heating systems like HVAC consume a large amount of electricity.

Energy consumption will increase when you have a large building or structure, and that's why installing energy-efficient skylights help. The sunlight that passes through the skylight gets trapped within the glass, transferring heat energy to the other side and warming your building's interior. Work with an interior designer to pinpoint which side of your building faces the sun every day to acquire more sunlight.

3. Create passive ventilation

Lastly, you can turn an energy-efficient roof hatch into passive ventilation by opening it when the weather gets too warm. You don't have to depend on your cooling systems most of the time because you can provide natural air inside your building. Besides bringing in cool air, the skylights create an upward airflow to exhaust the warm air inside. You can find some of the best skylights from suppliers like Best Roof Hatches, which have features that maximize indoor ventilation.

The most efficient skylight can come in different sizes and designs and even have specific features to ensure you maximize its functionality and usability. Additionally, skylights can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your building's interior, contributing to high-quality home decor that combines functionality with visual appeal. You have to install energy-efficient skylights to see a positive change in your building's energy consumption. And once you have a specific skylight in mind, don't forget to reach out to Best Roof Hatches to purchase one! Contact us at (800) 431-8651 if you need assistance ordering one.