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Interesting Facts You Didn't Know About Roofing

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Interesting Facts You Didn't Know About Roofing

Posted by Best Roof Hatches on 2021 Apr 15th

Gone are the days when roofs have common designs and were simply there to provide protection for building occupants. Today, there are so many commercial building roof types in the market that choosing one can be difficult for non-professionals. Moreover, there are even more unique roofs that exist all over the world as if a roof competition is going on. But what most people don’t know about roofs is that they should not be just about aesthetics. There are so many misconceptions about roofing that anyone could just mistake a myth for a fact. Unfortunately, these myths could often become reasons for incorrect roof construction planning and other issues that may result in bigger problems in the future.

So what are the exciting facts most people don't know about roofing? Here are the interesting facts about the roof that may interest you and give you a reason to confer that attention to it.

Did you know that flat roofs are not flat? Yes, you read it correctly. If you compare the roofs of various buildings, especially those with flat roofs, yes, they look flat. But the fun fact is-- they’re not! By looking at them or even walking over them, you won’t notice that it is inclined at a slight angle. Flat roof designs have a slight incline, typically reaching 1/4 inch per foot to drain the water and prevent ponding waters from staying on the roof for more than 48 hrs.

Did you know that there are roofs that can be a source of food? The roof is there to protect your building from any weather condition. However, with the emergence of green buildings and sustainability, roofs can now also be a source of food. Green roofs or eco-roofs are a layer of vegetation planted on top of a waterproofing system installed on flat or slight slope roofs. Because of green roofs, you can grow vegetables and fruits or other types of plants. With a green roof, you can add some character to your roof and not just aesthetics. Moreover, you will be able to save money and eat food on your own roof.

Did you know that metal roofs are eco-friendly? When it comes to metal roofing, the first thing that comes to people's minds is durability. But if there is a green roof, there is also called a green metal roof. Apart from being durable, just like the standard metal roof, it is cheaper because most of its materials are recycled. Because of the green metal roof, you do not need to replace your roof more often. Apart from that, it will also help deflect solar energy, which will help your HVAC system save power and effectively trap heat during winter. Environmental and wallet-friendly, check.

Did you know that metal roofs can protect your building from lightning strikes? Metal is an excellent conductor of electricity. If so, how can a metal roof protect your building from lightning? The metal roof can dispense energy from lightning in a safer way through its structure. Apart from its ability to diffuse energy, it is also combustible and non-flammable. It is why metal roofing provides lesser risk in severe weather, including the danger of lightning. Thus, if the building has a metal roof combined with a good structure and installation, lighting won't bother you and your tenants.

Did you know that the roof also needs to breathe? A roof that breathes-- interesting, isn't it? Similar to other parts of the building, the roof also needs adequate ventilation. The ventilation system on a roof is critical because it keeps the temperature low and releases moist air. Without proper ventilation, a roof will accumulate condensation, and water from it will damage the building's insulation and walls. When it comes to roof ventilation, it is crucial to consider having roof hatches and smoke vents a proper and easy way of accessing the roof for maintenance and safer building and tenants.

These are a few of the many more interesting facts about roofs. Remember that the roof is essential in any commercial buildings and structures; hence, it is vital to give it proper attention, installation, and maintenance to last longer and be safer in any weather condition or situation.

Furthermore, most commercial and industrial buildings need to follow fire-building safety codes. One method of doing that is by installing Smoke Vents. It is essential in buildings with flammable materials inside to release smoke, heat, and other poisonous gases from overwhelming the inside of a building. What to know more about smoke vents and roof hatches? Visit Best Roof Hatches or contact us now at 1-800-431-8651!