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Roof Hatch Ventilation: Does It Matter?

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Roof Hatch Ventilation: Does It Matter?

Posted by Best Roof Hatches on 2022 Apr 20th

The roof serves to protect your commercial building's external and internal structures as well as the occupants. It is also responsible for giving your facility the optimum environment for comfort and productivity. As an establishment owner, investing in materials that will elongate the lifespan and quality of your roof is essential. This is why proper ventilation is vital for your roof.

You can provide proper ventilation to your roof through roof hatch ventilation. Commercial roof hatches may not provide the appropriate ventilation that your roof needs, especially for insulated ones. But installing smoke vents will undoubtedly do the trick! It is one of the improvements in roof hatch design that you should check out.

The Benefits of Roof Ventilation

It's incredibly vital to ensure your roof is adequately ventilated for several reasons. Proper ventilation allows air to flow in and out through your metal roofing system to keep it functioning efficiently and performing at its best quality. Here are the reasons why roof ventilation is a must:

1. Prevent Condensation, Rot, and Mold

One of the most vital aspects of roof ventilation is to help stop condensation, which leads to mold and rot. A commercial building produces a lot more moisture than you may realize. This moisture condenses upwards to your establishment's ceilings, and if a vapor barrier is not in place, it eventually lands in the attic. The condensation caused by this situation can create a suitable environment for the biological growth of mildew and mold. Properly ventilating your roof and attic areas helps keep your insulation dry and prevents these condensation-caused issues.

2. Energy Cost Reduction

According to a study by Sha and Qi, ventilation is a practical approach to reduce cooling load; thus, saving cooling-related energy and reducing peak electricity demand for high-rise buildings, which is vital for achieving sustainable development of cities and society.

You might not be aware that smoke vents roof hatches also help trim down your energy costs. This advantage will likely be observed and useful during hot temperate seasons. As the temperature outside your establishment increases, a properly vented roof will effectively allow the escape of the absorbed heat of your roofing material.

Therefore, preventing it from transmitting indoors and reducing the use of air conditioning units will likely eat up more energy when your indoor temperature is similar to that of the outside environment.

3. Reduce Extreme Indoor Temperatures

If you tried walking at the very top of your building and noticed a drastic temperature change, it may be due to a poorly or not ventilated roofing. You can avoid indoor temperature extremes with proper roof ventilation. Ventilation allows hot air to seep out and cool air to enter your building. This can also help prevent super-heated attics, which will significantly impact your cooling and heating costs.

4. Avoid Ice Damming

If your establishment is located where snow and ice often occur, having adequate attic ventilation decreases the probability of experiencing ice dams that can cause damage to your roof. Ice dams are usually caused by warm air reaching the roof deck. This warm air melts the snow on your roofing system and can run down your roof and refreeze over your establishment's overhangs, which creates ice dams. Proper ventilation can help direct the warm air from your building to the top of your roof and then outside. It also keeps the attic close to the same temperature outside, preventing melting snow.

5. Increase Roof's Lifespan

Improper ventilation on your roof and attic can reduce the lifespan of your roof. As mentioned a while back, condensation, mold, and rot can result from improper ventilation. A non-ventilated roof can also result in extremely hot attics, and if heat eventually builds up, it can cause crucial damage to the wood framing, rafters, underlayment, and more. Ensuring your roof is ventilated will help the air escape and extend your roofing system's lifetime.

The Takeaway

Overall, roof hatch ventilation can help your commercial building have suitable ventilation to prevent roof damage and reduce the likelihood of high energy costs. Investing in materials that will make your roofing system more functional is always a wise investment as an establishment owner.

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