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Safety Railings: Why Doubling the Safety of Your Roof Hatch is Essential

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Safety Railings: Why Doubling the Safety of Your Roof Hatch is Essential

Posted by Best Roof Hatches on 2022 Jun 29th

Safety remains the top concern for people working in all sectors. Having a safe environment means a productive workplace as people can focus on doing their assigned tasks without worries. For this reason, companies and businesses make it a point to ensure that all functions and undertakings receive the utmost attention to detail, placing countermeasures to prevent any accidents.

One countermeasure that prevents many potential falls is your safety railings. The roof hatch opening that you can find in many buildings could present a possible fall hazard. It is necessary to have a roof hatch fall protection that will protect anyone who wishes to access the roof area for one reason or another. It is essential for personnel maintenance situations, making the place safer and more conducive for work.

Are you currently looking for more information on why you need a roof hatch guard rail? Here are some reasons for doubling the safety of your OSHA roof hatch and other details that you will find interesting:

Typical Roof Hazards

Choosing the best roof hatch for your building is not the only thing you'll have to consider. To identify the type of roof hatch, fall protection, and safety system your commercial roof requires, you must first be conscious of the potential threats that could jeopardize the workers' safety.

#1. Roof Hatch

Workers used to climb up a ladder access to access the roof. They depend on the ladders to perform maintenance tasks such as repairs or inspections on commercial roofs. Some hatches have self-closing mechanical latches, and while covered hatches provide a minor immediate threat, leaving them open raises the chance of falling.

Building owners must put roof hatch guard rails surrounding the open part of the roof hatch to avoid accidents. Buildings should install safety rails at least 42 inches above the surface and robust materials that can bear a falling force of 200 pounds without deflecting to anywhere less than 39 inches. It is a requirement to comply with OSHA standards.

Select a roof hatch with a dependable self-closing function that closes automatically as quickly as you reach the roof. Roof hatch guardrails also serve as a protective border between personnel and hatches, preventing them from accidentally falling. People working on an elevated platform or close to an open hatch must be with harnesses or personal fall arrest devices as an extra to the safety rails.

#2. Edge Protection

A roofing system aims to protect structures from hazardous exterior factors while also adding to the property's overall safety and security. Because your roof is the only barrier between your business and external elements, it is more vulnerable to strong winds, slick exteriors, and rough terrain.

Roofers can also become preoccupied with a single task or piece of roof equipment that you work close to the edge, risking a potential fall. When you leave your roof access, you risk several problems that you can easily avoid by following a strict safety strategy and roof hatch guardrail requirements.

#3. Other Openings

Although the edge of the roof and roof hatches require the most attention, there are also specific gaps in your roof that you must address. According to OSHA, any gap more than 2 inches is a roof hole, leading to a potential fall hazard.

To minimize any risk, you must permanently patch these holes caused by corrosion or degradation. Furthermore, the material used to conceal the perforations must be able to withstand double the total capacity required.

The Takeaway

Safety railing functions as insurance to prevent potential fall hazards due to exposed roof hatches. By understanding the dangers and what guidelines to follow, you can create an informed strategy that you can utilize tailored explicitly to your settings. However, it would be ideal if you had the guidance of an experienced expert to refine your plan better.

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