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Selecting A Roof Hatch That Meets Your Needs

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Selecting A Roof Hatch That Meets Your Needs

Posted by Best Roof Hatches on 2021 Jun 9th

A roof hatch is a means of access for the roof areas of a building. It provides a fitting and safe way to access the roof for recreational or maintenance purposes. Since different types serve different uses, finding the exact type of roof hatch will maximize the potential of what you can do to the roof area.

The Selection Process

To choose the exact roof hatch that your commercial building needs, there are considerations that you need to mull over. These factors include the size of the roof hatch, the purpose of the roof hatch, the type of building, the material, and the cost. These are factors that you need to know to choose the correct type of roof hatch accurately.

The Size of the Roof Hatch

The size of the roof hatch will depend on the available space of the building. The unoccupied space needs to fit the size of the roof hatch. It doesn't make sense if you get a roof hatch that's too big for the free space, and it's also challenging to install a small roof hatch that's intended for equipment use.

The Purpose of the Roof Hatch

There are two purposes for a roof hatch in a commercial building. It's generally for either personnel or equipment. If the building needs access to install equipment or remove equipment, a double door roof hatch is better. On the other hand, if the facility needs regular maintenance, then a single door one is better.

Building Type

Depending on the facility or needs, the required roof hatch also changes. In non-residential buildings, it's for maintenance or equipment sake, while in residential areas, it provides access for recreational purposes and natural light. A Glazed Hatch is an excellent example of a roof hatch that offers natural light to a building. It's a great roof hatch for residential use.

The Material

The facility where the roof hatch gets installed is also a factor. Every building has a specific need for its roof hatch. Buildings with unique security needs like banks, prisons, pharmacies, and embassies need a security access hatch to keep intruders at bay. Other facilities that are highly corrosive or toxic need either aluminum or stainless steel hatches. Some facilities need smoke vents as well, and a roof hatch is perfect for one.

The Cost

The price is also a factor that needs some consideration. The types of roof hatches also differ in cost. Depending on how many you need for your building and what kind of material, the price will also increase. Consider contacting professionals like Best Roof Access. They can offer you great options for your roofing needs and inquiries.


Roof hatches of the proper kind are required for any building since they offer the best access to the roof area. It streamlines and protects the whole procedure of repairing, assembling and removing machinery and appliances. One should think about the selection process and take into account the factors listed in this article. Consider hiring a specialist roofing contractor as well.