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Surprising Facts About Your Roof Vents

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Surprising Facts About Your Roof Vents

Posted by Best Roof Hatches on 2022 Feb 1st

Roof vents are one of the essential parts of a building. They are responsible for several different aspects, but all in all, they maintain the health and integrity of your roof. If you’re not sure what each pipe and vent is on your roof, then here are things you can learn about them.

What are Plumbing Roof Vents?

Have you ever wondered what those pipes sticking out of your roof were? We’re not talking about chimneys but little grey ones that you may find in multiple places. Plumbing vents help with the movement of water waste by regulating water pressure.

If your plumbing vents were to become clogged, simple tasks like washing the dishes, cooking, and doing laundry could be affected. Never mind the potentially disastrous effect of a backed-up sewage line. Hiring a plumber for sewer repair could be costly and time-consuming, which is why you should ensure that your plumbing vents and system are in are in top condition by conducting regular maintenance using hydrostatic testing equipment and safety railings for safer and quicker access.

How Do Plumbing Vents Work?

You can trace the vents on the roof of a building or house connecting with the drain line. This pipe provides a way for fumes to find a way out. In addition, they let in fresh air to regulate pressure within the pipes.

Plumbing vents are essential to consider when building or remodeling an existing structure. You want to ensure that you have all the proper vents for your roof to ensure that water will flow smoothly, thus improving your home's plumbing system. Not only does it have a positive effect on plumbing, but it makes living conditions possible by forcing toxic sewer gas out of your home.

The Importance of Proper Roof Ventilation

To understand how roof ventilation works, we need to look at what ventilation issues can arise and how beneficial an effective system is. A fundamental concept is that hot air rises and cool air falls. Therefore your roofing system needs a way for hot air to escape at the top of the building.

Roof ventilation ensures that the air around us constantly circulates, thus preventing humidity and condensation build-up in your roof or attic. When a roof is not adequately ventilated, the condensation and moisture can cause rotting wood and rusting metal, eventually weakening your home's structure.

Here are other ways how roof ventilation benefits your building:

1. Increases Energy Efficiency

Having roof vents installed along with an attic or soffit vent and vented crawl space creates significant improvements for insulation and ventilation. Adding insulation to the outside walls between the studs will help keep heat in during those winter months. Still, it is equally essential to ensure that the air inside stays as cool as possible (or at least within a reasonable range) during the summer months.

2. Reduces Ice Dams in the Winter Months

The proper ventilation also reduces ice dams forming on your roof. Other than energy efficiency, it’s safer since no icicles are threatening to drop down from above. Ice dams form when the snow melts on the top of your home then refreezes. Each time it freezes, additional ice builds up until you end up with an uneven surface that puts pressure on the gutters and eventually causes them to break away from their fastening points.

Ice dams can also cause a buildup at a particular point along the roofline, leading to water damage. The wood might swell and create cracks allowing moisture into the living space. Knowing how roof vents work and learning about inspection and maintenance tips for winterizing your roof will help you minimize those risks during those winter months.

3. Smoke Vents Save Lives

You may not see these in homes, but smoke vents save lives in buildings. It’s not just the fire that ends up being the killer but smoke inhalation. A smoke vent opens up to allow smoke a way out of the structure. They prevent smoke from building up in a confined room or area, causing suffocation and asphyxiation.

Never underestimate the importance of roof vents and proper roof ventilation. These components will ensure the integrity of your building and the safety of your occupants. Learn more about smoke vents and proper roof maintenance by visiting Best Roof Hatches. Here we have products made with high-quality materials, perfect for your building needs. Contact us at (800) 431-8651 today!