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​Today's Best Roof Hatches Options - What's New and What's In

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​Today's Best Roof Hatches Options - What's New and What's In

Posted by Best Roof Hatches on 2022 Mar 16th

In older ages, commercial buildings' roofs and essential areas are accessed by a fixed or portable ladder on the exterior wall or a penthouse with a total vertical door on the roof. Unfortunately, ladder access was a risky method, especially during harsh weather conditions, and this is also not advisable for buildings with many floors. Later on, the professionals recognized the need to replace the previous form. Roof hatches came into existence a half-century or so ago and have remained to be a piece of convenient equipment for commercial buildings up to this day.

Roof hatches are a piece of essential equipment in a commercial building. It provides roof contractors or other personnel easy access to your roof area whenever needed. With various facilities having different functions, some roof hatches are made to give the building operations. Here are some of the latest improvements in roof hatch design that you should check out.

1. Durable and Inexpensive Materials

One new feature of roof hatches is manufacturers' materials to create them. Galvanized steel is one of many materials used to create high-quality roof hatches. Contractors consider galvanized steel one of the best materials, especially when needing inexpensive yet reliable roof hatches.

Another common roof hatch material is stainless steel material. It has almost identical elements of galvanized steel. However, stainless steel roof hatches cost less, so engineers buy them in bulk when it requires multiple roof hatches.

2. Advanced Security

For establishments that require more security and safety, roof hatch manufacturers have developed specialized roof hatches that have improved safety when operated. One of the new and improved hatches is the security roof hatches. These roof hatches are designed to provide convenient, economical access to the roof of a building while adding a level of security. The heavy gauge materials used to create this hatch are preferred for applications in banks, prisons, hospitals, and other establishments requiring improved security.

3. Increased Energy-Efficiency

Commercial building owners prefer a more energy-efficient option for building materials. These materials can help lessen the building's energy cost and, at the same, works as efficiently as with other materials. Roof hatch manufacturers have also developed roof hatches that help reduce an establishment's energy cost.

Before, traditional roof hatches came with fiberglass insulation in the cover and fiberboard insulation in the curb. While standard products now have improved thermal performance with polyisocyanurate insulation on both the cover and curb.

4. Incorporation of Natural Light

One trend now circulating in the market includes energy-efficient windows and skylights that allow natural daylighting. This type of roof hatch can minimize the need for artificial lighting during daylight without causing any heating or cooling problems. This roof hatch can provide a more pleasant working environment for the building occupants, including reduced utility costs for the owner. Roof hatches with natural daylighting feature a polycarbonate dome cover, including all the standard operational parts of a primary roof hatch.

5. High Safety

In recent times, an improved and well-designed roof hatch with ease of operation is its most vital feature. A roof hatch that is complex to operate can put the user in a difficult situation. For example, a roof hatch that requires two-hand operation while a ladder can be a safety issue for your staff. In comparison, an automatic hold-open arm that securely locks the cover when the user is entering or exiting is a great advantage.

Throughout the years, roof hatch manufacturers have designed innovative roofs that have helped many people easily access roof buildings for different purposes. Choosing the best roof hatch for your building is a difficult task. Luckily, with Best Roof Hatches, we are sure to provide all the assistance you need in choosing the proper roof hatch for you. You can contact us at (800) 431-8651 for more details.