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Top Solutions to Make Commercial Buildings Energy Efficient

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Top Solutions to Make Commercial Buildings Energy Efficient

Posted by Best Roof Hatches on 2021 Feb 24th

Large energy consumption is one of the significant problems of businesses over the years. Millions of commercial buildings are already consuming more than the transportation sector and other industries. However, as a building owner and entrepreneur, you wouldn’t want to be an energy-sucker and spend more than your initial plan. Looking for a smart solution for energy efficiency and eco-friendliness is essential for every company.

Using an effective energy management system and other sustainable solutions, you can generate up to 15% energy savings in less than three years. Here are some top solutions to make your commercial building more efficient to know more about these.

1. Have an efficient energy management

If you want to impose a change in your company, it must start from within by having proper energy management. The conservation does not need to be forceful but should become a habit of your employees and staff. Doing something small such as asking everyone to switch off lights and appliances that are not in use, can become more prominent as the time comes.

Moreover, there are other low-cost techniques that you can employ if you want to conserve energy and save more bills. If you cannot turn off office equipment such as computers, monitors, copiers, and printers, you can turn them into sleep mode when not in use. By doing this, you can cut your energy costs by up to 40%, which can be a lot for commercial buildings. It will also be helpful to perform regular maintenance and HVAC systems and clean places such as vents.

2. Use new-age technological devices

It would be better to change your old appliances with new ones as older technologies are prone to consuming more power. Make sure that you replace your cooling and heating systems with energy-certified products. You can also install automation systems such as IoT or the Internet of Things, which could help control and manage energy consumption. It could include the installation of daylight sensors and motion detecting light on your premises. Using smaller task lights, you can avoid turning on larger lights that are unnecessary for two to three people in the area.

3. Use natural daylights and shades.

If you aim for lower energy consumption, it is ideal for taking advantage of the natural daylights and shades for your building. You can install efficient window designs and domed hatches that allow sunlight to illuminate your indoors instead of using artificial lights most of the time. You can match them with lighter color interior surfaces to maximize their effect. Doing these can help you cut down your energy costs during the daytime.

You can also install heat resistant and tinted window glasses if you need proper shading during summers. It could help you avoid the excessive heat inside the building, which is coming from sunlight. This practice can reduce your dependence on air-conditioning and other cooling systems.

4. Improve your insulation.

One of the ideal ways to cut your energy consumption is by improving your insulation around your windows, roofs, attics, and HVAC system. It will provide extra resistance to heat flows, lowering the cooling and heating costs while increasing occupants’ comfort. There is also internal and external wall insulation that could give both thermal benefits and aesthetic improvement at the same time.

Start cutting energy costs now!

Cutting your energy consumption is something that should start within your company. Aside from a few management implementations, having new devices and installations is essential in the process. If you are looking for practical roof hatches with proper insulation, Best Roof Hatches can provide them for you. You can contact us at 1-800-431-8651 or send us a message if you wish to talk with our product specialists.