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Why You Need to Include Acoustical Smoke Vents in Commercial Building

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Why You Need to Include Acoustical Smoke Vents in Commercial Building

Posted by Best Roof Hatches on 2022 Mar 2nd

When it comes to safety, most commercial buildings have their methods and devices to ensure that the structure and its occupants are kept safe from potential risks inside the facility. Despite the differences in systems and methodologies, all commercial buildings operate as one for fire safety and compliance.

Aside from complying with local regulations and fire alarms, it is also critical to recognize the harmful effects of smoke and how it can affect the outcome of any fire incidents. Studies suggest that most fire-related deaths are caused by smoke and not the actual fire.


The dangers of smoke are undeniably apparent in cases of fire, as its harmful effects stretch far beyond just being noxious. Here are other reasons why smoke inhalation is hazardous:

  • Exposure to high levels of smoke is detrimental to individuals with heart and lung conditions, children, and the elderly.
  • The smoke build-up can impair visibility during a fire, preventing or delaying people from escaping the building.
  • Inhaling fire smoke for a short time is enough to cause immediate damaging effects. It can irritate the eyes, nose, and throat, leading to nausea since it's heavy enough to slow down breathing.
  • Inhaling carbon monoxide significantly reduces our oxygen supply. Some of the small particles from smoke can enter our system and cause adverse health effects.
  • Excessive smoke inhalation is also proven to cause long-term health issues. For instance, a study on firefighters suggests that frequent exposure to smoke increases their vulnerability to heart and lung diseases. It can also be the case for people in the restaurant industry; that is why smoke vents in the kitchen and smoke ventilation systems for bars are essential.

Due to the extensive danger that smoke inhalation possesses, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) created the NFPA 92, Standard for Smoke Control Systems to standardize the commercial requirements for the design, installation, and testing of smoke control systems. Various smoke control systems are available nowadays, but the most efficient and dependable way of eliminating smoke during fire incidents is smoke vents.


Any commercial structure requires ventilation to provide adequate airflow and maintain good indoor air quality. Like air ventilation, smoke vents operate similarly, but they're designed explicitly as fire safety equipment.

Building occupants can quickly evacuate the property when a fire breaks out since the vents will automatically open and release the smoke outside. Eliminating smoke build-up in the event of a fire is a lifesaving functionality of smoke vents, but some smoke vent manufacturers offer an additional acoustical feature.


Acoustical smoke vents fundamentally have the same functions and features as a typical smoke vent, but they are designed to block external noise. These unique vents are typically used in performance venues, theaters, and healthcare facilities.

There are many ways to improve office acoustics, but acoustic vents can also benefit office spaces and other business establishments since they limit external noise distractions. A quiet working environment offers many benefits to the business and the employees. Some of these include:

  • IMPROVE FOCUS - Trying to focus in a noisy space filled with distracting activities from officemates is exceptionally challenging. Some people may be built to work efficiently in highly stressful and loud situations, but most of us may find it difficult to focus even on the most mundane tasks. Installing smoke vents in buildings helps achieve a quiet work environment and encourages creativity and focus.
  • INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY - All business owners know that a quiet space significantly increases work productivity. A calm environment effectively reduces stress, leading to a boost in employee morale and higher work quality. Aside from ensuring safety, having smoke vents in a warehouse facility dramatically enhances the facility's production.
  • BETTER COMMUNICATION - A quiet office space also allows employees to communicate better. Understanding tasks is crucial in any business to minimize errors which can potentially lead to a series of mistakes along the way.
  • APPRECIATE EMPLOYEES - Installing an acoustical roof smoke vent to enhance quiet spaces can indirectly show appreciation. By eliminating unnecessary distractions in the office, you can show your employees that you respect their need to concentrate during work hours.

Aside from improving fire safety, acoustic smoke vents offer promising features and benefits to business operations. While they have similar functions as automatic smoke vents, these noise-reducing vents are built with additional features such as Sound Transmission Class (STC) and Outdoor-Indoor Transmission Class (OITC) ratings.

To differentiate the two, OITC refers to the sound transmission between indoor and outdoor spaces in a building. STC rates the extent to which a sound is blocked from being transferred from one room to another. An excellent acoustic vent must ideally have a rating of STC-50 and OITC 46, as well as ISO 140-18 (rainfall - 37.5 dB) sound rating for optimized results.


As the owner of a commercial property, ensuring the safety of your investment and its inhabitants must be of paramount importance. Fire building codes may be strict, but you can easily comply with these codes by installing safety features from reliable suppliers such as Milcor smoke vents and Bilco smoke vents across the building. Not only will these vents help keep your employees or tenants safe, but it also shows that you value their safety above else.

Choosing an acoustic smoke vent is ideal if you also need to achieve a quiet working space. An acoustic vent does wonders for any commercial business by eliminating external noise and promoting fire safety.

When it comes to reliable smoke vents and roof hatches, you can rely on Best Roof Hatches to provide you with the best brands. We have built our reputation on product excellence and client satisfaction, and if you need a smoke vent, you can call us at 1-800-431-8651 to order one today!