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Winter Survival Tips for Your Roof

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Winter Survival Tips for Your Roof

Posted by Best Roof Hatches on 2021 Dec 15th

Your roofing system is one of the vital parts of your home, as it protects you from harsh elements, especially during winter. Protecting your roofing system is necessary for maintaining the exterior and interior areas of your building. Extreme cold temperatures, high winds, ice damming, and snowfall will test every roofing system to its limits.

Here are some roofing tips that help to protect your roof during the winter.

Trim Tree Branches

How to prepare for cold weather? It is one of the most common questions for new building owners. Trimming the tree branches near your roof is one of the most effective ways to protect your roofing during cold months. Trees are an excellent way to have a natural shade with a touch of nature on your property. However, you cannot dictate its branches where and how to grow, and during severe weather, tree branches can cause havoc on your roofing.

Overgrown tree branches have a great chance to break during winter due to the additional weight of snow and can fall on your roofs. Those smaller branches can create and scrape significant holes as well.

While some of these damages may not be visible, this can lead to interior leaks that are difficult for the roofers to perform a repair task during winter. Ensure to trim some tree branches before the winter to prevent forceful winds and heavy snow from causing damages to your roof.

Clean Gutters

As the debris can cause damage to your roofing, it can also substantially clog the roofing gutters. A gutter with acorns, leaves and other items will restrict the floor of rainwater. During winter, the water accumulating in the roofing gutter will freeze and eventually add a heavy load, thus weighing down and causing them to collapse.

Collapsing gutters can also cause damages in siding and roofing that are costly to repair. It is essential to conduct regular cleaning on the roofing gutters to ensure an efficient flow of water and melting snow. It is one of the excellent ways to anticipate hard freeze precautions measures in the roofing system.

Remove Snow

Snow on the roofing system may look pretty somehow during winter; however, those wet snow will add significant weight. Even some sturdy structural roofing systems might not support that kind of weight, and a fragile and older roofing system can collapse when a heavy winter storm strikes.

Removing the snow from your roofing system as soon as possible is essential to prevent further damage. You can use an aluminum or plastic shovel or a snow roof rake to clear and avoid the accumulation of weight load. It is also best to hire professional assistance for faster and safer snow removal.

It would help to have a checklist during winter to prevent any property damage during these cold months.

Conduct Roof Inspection Before Winter

It's a good idea to refer to an experienced roofing contractor to inspect for any roofing issues and clean the gutters in the roofing system to protect and prevent further damage to your property. It would be best also to know some winter insurance tips on your roofing system, such as DIY roofing repairs to avoid voiding the roofing insurance.

Winter factors can increase the risk of water damage in ceilings and walls. Once the water from the roof enters your building due to roof damage or condensation, it can ruin the ceiling, drywall, wiring insulation, and flooring materials and increase the risk of mold formation. Preparing for a freeze on your roof can help to eliminate roofing issues during winter.

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