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16" x 46" Low-Profile Shingle Roof Flashing Kit for Deck Mount Skylight - Fakro

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16" x 46" Low-Profile Shingle Roof Flashing Kit for Deck Mount Skylight - Fakro

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14.5" x 45.5" Low-Profile Shingle Roof Flashing Kit for Deck Mount Skylight – Fakro  

Product Code: BRH-EL-106-14.5-45.5  

Utilizing the proper flashing kit is vital for deck-mounted skylights. The flashing prevents uncontrolled water seepage and leaks that could result in root rot, mold, corrosion, and structural damage to your commercial property. American construction professionals recommend using the Best Roof Hatches' FAKRO Low-Profile Shingle Roof Flashing Kit for Deck-Mount Skylight.  

Benefits of EL-306 Low-Profile Shingle Roof Flashing Kit:  

  • Solid support for your deck-mounted fixed skylights   
  • Prevent moisture and leaks   
  • Say goodbye to sealants   

Skylight flashings prevent water from getting into your building through the joints of your skylight that receive the most moisture. When professionally installed, the flashing kit channels direct water away from vulnerable building parts and into the gutters.   

The bottom half of the flashing system includes a butyl strip to protect your roofing materials and skylight from wind-driven rain in dire situations, eliminating the need for sealants that might degrade and cause damage.   

The EL-306 flashing suits skylights installed with low-profile roofing materials, such as shingles, plain tile, double-lap roofing, and slates. It is compatible with deck-mounted FAKRO FX, FV, FVE, and FVS skylights.   

Key Features:     

  • Compatible with slate, asphalt, and fiberglass shingles with a maximum thickness of 5/16". (8 mm (about 0.31 in))   
  • Pitch ranges from 15 to 85 degrees, depending on the installation.   
  • Aluminum with a thickness of 0.9 mm (about 0.04 in) for long-lasting durability   
  • Gray polyester paint coating for enhanced security   
  • Rapid and simple installation   

All the finest brands are available at Best Roof Hatches. We never lose sight of the importance of safety and convenience and the quality and satisfaction of our customers.   

Don't hesitate to contact us at (800) 431-8651 if you have any queries or concerns. We welcome suggestions for new products and methods to serve you better. Reach out to us and receive a personalized quotation from our expert product specialists! 

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