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24" x 24" Galvanized Security Roof Hatch - Acudor

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24" x 24" Galvanized Security Roof Hatch - Acudor

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24" x 24" Galvanized Security Roof Hatch


Acudor Security Roof Hatches are designed to provide convenient, economical access to the roof of a building while adding an additional level of security. The heavy gauge materials used to manufacture this hatch are ideal for applications in banks, prisons, hospitals, and more.


Features RHG-SEC

  • Weather tight construction
  • Convenient one-hand operation
  • 12" high insulated curb Supports
  • 40lbs./sq. ft. live load


Optional Features RHG-SEC

  • Stainless Steel cover, curb, and/or hardware
  • Aluminum Material
  • Louvered Curbs
  • Curb Mounted Units
  • Curb pitch corrected for sloped roof
  • Higher curb heights for "green roof" applications


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