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3 Major Hazards to Avoid During Roofing Construction

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3 Major Hazards to Avoid During Roofing Construction

Posted by Best Roof Hatches on 2021 May 26th

Safety is the number one priority in the construction industry. One of the essential procedures to address is roofing safety. It provides preventive and safety measures when constructing rooftops. It should be discussed beforehand and implemented during the work to avoid injuries and construction damages.

Constructing roofs entails engaging to heights which is very dangerous. Without proper training, it can lead to rooftop fall- the leading cause of death in the industry. Best Roof Hatches will give you information on the three (3) major hazards to avoid during roofing construction to keep you away from such incidents.

#1: Inappropriate Use of Safety Gear and Equipment

Through many years of working and doing the same job, workers forget the old and must-do habits. It is one reason why construction workers get injured and involved in fatal incidents- they tend to neglect gears and personal equipment's saving power. To be familiarized, here are the following lists to use when roofing:

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Using PPE minimizes your exposure to hazards and is responsible for protecting your head, eyes, ears, hands, and feet. These materials are namely- hard hats, safety glasses, earplugs, gloves, and steel-toed boots. You are also required to wear long sleeves, long pants, and a safety vest at all times.
  • Fall Protection Equipment: It is also called the Personal Fall Arrest System. PFAS is a necessity when climbing and performing roof work to avoid falling. It has a body harness, anchorage, and connecting devices such as a shock-absorbing lanyard and self-retracting lifeline.

Be mindful of donning this equipment, especially when you are 6 meters high or more, to save your life and properly do your job.

#2: Improper Handling of Construction Equipment

To have a high-quality roofing system, you will be using different equipment. Some of these are ladders, scissors, electric or cordless drills, pop-rivet guns, and general tool kits such as hammer, screwdriver, wrenches, and more. Improper handling of these things can impose danger to you and other workers.

For example, a ladder is a tool used to access the roof. It is best to place it flat on the ground. If you have moved it from its place after climbing, but you never minded fixing it, the next worker may stumble going down. Also, you may have used it for different purposes, such as making it a stepping platform to skip the roof holes. These are a big NO.

Always remember to use construction equipment to its original purpose, and keep in mind to return it in the proper place. If you want to add more safety features to your ladder, you can use galvanized steel ladder access- roof hatch.

#3: Extreme Weather Condition

Before starting the roofing construction, you may have planned the day when it is convenient to work, but weather changes without prior notice. Suddenly, the temperature on the roof can be very high, or the rain falls unexpectedly. These situations can harm workers on the roof.

High temperature can cause severe migraine or heat stroke that could make any person faint. If you already feel the heaviness in your head, stop working and carefully go down and take a break for a while or go to the nearest clinic. Furthermore, rain can make the roof slippery; needless to say, you have to pause and wait until it is safe to climb up again.

It is everyone's responsibility to impose safety procedures and protocols. But during roofing construction, it is your responsibility as a contractor to check yourself and everything around you. Be sure to use protective equipment and construction materials correctly, and check on your health at all times.

For more information and products on roofing, continue to read here and do not hesitate to press the add to cart button for products that can add safety to your construction.