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7 Signs That You Need a Roof Repair ASAP

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7 Signs That You Need a Roof Repair ASAP

Posted by Best Roof Hatches on 2020 Oct 7th

We all know that keeping up with regular roof maintenance can be a chore. You remove leaves, collect litter and debris, and even spray down the shingles to keep them clean. But, it's imperative to stay on schedule because the roof is your primary line of defense against the weather. Without a good roof, you cannot keep the inside of your building warm and dry. While a routine of roof maintenance is essential, it is necessary to know the signs of roof damage. By addressing repairs right away, you can prevent a small problem like a roof leak from turning into a significant issue that can even result in structural repair. With that in mind, Best Roof Hatches is pleased to share some great tips for noticing the signs that you need a roof repair.

Sign #1: There Are Noticeable Sags on Your Roof

If you notice that your roof is sagging, you need to get your roof inspected away. Sagging can indicate you have a leak, or it could signal there are issues with your attic or your foundation's structural support. It could also be a sign that the workman who framed your roof made a mistake on settling the structure. It may be something relatively simple, or it could be something serious - either way, it is essential to check, repair, or replace the sagging part. If not, it may cause more significant issues in the future.

Sign #2: Your Roof is Missing Some Shingles

If you notice that your roof has missing or defective shingles, it is now time to replace it. Having mismatched singles alongside old faded ones will create a checkerboard effect, So, most people opt for replacing all the shingles at once. Some roofers recommend the installation of additional layers to your existing shingles. It helps your roof look uniform and new, but it may also cause the top layer to be more vulnerable to the wind.

Sign #3: Your Roof is Over 20 Years Old

Depending on the roof's quality, its average lifespan can be anywhere between 20 and 30 years. If you think your roof is somewhere between these ages, you should have a proper inspection. Assess if there are signs of wear and tear at the top or if you need a completely new roof. Keep in mind that roof damage and leaks may take years to bleed and be noticeable. By getting a proper inspection, you can address these hidden issues before they do severe damage to your roof and attic structure.

Sign #4: Your Shingles are Cracked

If your shingles have cracks or other defects, these are definite signs of roof damage, and you need a roof repair right now. Why? Cracking shingles will allow the water to travel through and cause annoying leakage. There will also be times where the surface cracks will appear from newer asphalt, and you need to call your manufacturer and ask for a warranty repair. If the damage is more severe, you may need an inspection of the whole roofing system to see the real condition. It will help you track the root of the problem and see what you can do with it.

Sign #5: Your Roof is Moss-Covered

It is usual for a roof to develop algae and moss after a long time. Because of its exposure to humidity and wetness, mold can grow in these areas of the house. Most of the time, lichen resides on parts of the roof that does not receive the most sunlight. As natural as it may be, the presence of algae on your top could damage it and cause discoloration depending on the material. It can also cause your roof to leak over time. To avoid this from happening, ask your manufacturer which roof materials have anti-algae properties. It will keep your roof looking fresh and new at all times. They also have more extended warranties, which can save you money from constant repairs and maintenance.

Sign #6: Granules on Your Gutters

The stubbly materials you notice on your asphalt shingles, which protect the asphalt core from the sun's UV rays, are what we call granules. There are times when you shed off some granules due to a new installation of asphalt. It is a normal thing that you will notice. However, if your roof is already ten years old and you see many granules on your gutters, it is a different case. Granules help keep the sun's damaging rays away from the sun, and without them, your shingles will start deteriorating.

Sign #7: Your Shingles are Curling

If your roof is starting to have weathering issues, you will notice that your roof shingles are curling. There are two kinds of curling that you will see. The first one is where the curling appears in the middle of the shingle, called clawing. The other is what we call cupping, and this is when the curling appears in the edges. If there is curling on your shingles, it means that you likely have a roof leak. Due to water running back under the shingles, it could lead to more severe problems if you do not repair it right away. Roof repair and replacement can be costly. That's why we recommend installing a high-quality roofing system that will require less maintenance. Installing one of our quality roof hatches offers more convenient access to your roof so that proper care is more accessible.