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​Benefits of Sound-Rated Roof Hatches

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​Benefits of Sound-Rated Roof Hatches

Posted by Best Roof Hatches on 2021 Dec 29th

You might have a plan on constructing a building near busy streets where noise is inevitable. Noise can distract your employees and may affect their productivity. Even if you install soundproof windows and walls, it may not be enough. There are still different ways in how you can secure a noise-free establishment.

Installing sound-rated roof hatches can also enhance your building's soundproofing. Selecting a roof hatch that meets your needs is a difficult decision to make, and you might need some quality advice from professionals. But, if you're still having doubts on whether or not to install sound-rated roof hatches, here's a quick list of how it can be beneficial for your building. They are essential for restaurants, hotels, schools, recording studios, movie theaters, and more.

1. Better Sound Quality

For establishments such as recording studios and movie theaters, having excellent sound quality is essential to meet the standards of your audience. For theaters, it is a vital element to maintain the sound quality to enhance the experience. While for recording studios, you want every note and instrument to be clean and clear when you're recording music. Installing sound-rated roof hatches can help keep the good noise in and the bad noise out.

2. Higher Productivity

In a complicated situation, noises can distract your staff which can affect their productivity. In an office, comfortability must be your ultimate priority. Loud noises can easily distract people and kill their productivity at the workplace and even at home. Effectively reducing the noise by installing quality sound-rated roof hatches goes a long way in improving productivity and efficiency.

3. Avoid Health Related Issues

Nowadays, a prevalent health problem is hearing impairment. One major cause of hearing impairment is over-exposure to loud sounds above the average levels. Through soundproofing, avoiding these situations is possible. Furthermore, there are also other non-auditory health effects of too much sound, such as sleep disturbance, stress, cognitive impairment, annoyance, and in worst cases, heart diseases.

4. Following Laws and Regulations

Considering the increasingly harmful effects of blaring noises on the general well-being of people, many different countries worldwide now follow strict protocols that restrict noise above a certain level. An average human being can only tolerate the sound up to 120 decibels. Anything above this limit is problematic; hence it is prohibited to cross the mark.

5. Privacy

The most significant feature of soundproofing your house is that you no longer have to worry about maintaining privacy within your establishment. It grants you the opportunity to rest well by blocking the noise coming from the outer environment and lets you make some noise or have a special gathering or event while not disturbing your neighbors. With the help of sound-rated roof hatches, your building's soundproof quality will be enhanced, thus, reducing the likelihood of disturbing the outer environment.

If your establishment demands high soundproof quality, installing a sound-rated roof hatch should be included on your "must-have" list. You will be astonished at how effectively this product can enhance your establishment's comfort and way of living. Don't hesitate to ask for more opinions from your local contractor or other professionals.

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