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​Find the Best Answers to Your Questions About Roof Hatches Right Here!

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​Find the Best Answers to Your Questions About Roof Hatches Right Here!

Posted by Best Roof Hatches on 2022 Apr 13th

Striving to provide the utmost quality in products and services for your customers as a company is only natural. It is the fulfillment that every business owners feel whenever they hear from satisfied customers that drives them to do better.

Numerous aspects make a commercial building function, such as windows, which allow residents to look outside while letting natural light into the room. The HVAC system provides efficient cooling and heating to maintain a comfortable interior temperature.

A roof hatch is another component that every commercial structure should have. A commercial roof access hatch has significant advantages that you should not miss. Before placing your order, here are some usual questions regarding roof hatches on commercial buildings:

#1. What are the Common Uses of Roof Hatches?

You can have many potential uses for roof hatches. They're popular among stargazers since they make it easy to transfer equipment to rooftops. Some people utilize the roof as an additional patio space when the weather is nice. It can serve as egress points for decks and gardens. They also make roof maintenance and inspection a breeze. Check for the best equipment roof hatches suitable for your building needs to learn more.

#2. Will a Roof Hatch Affect the Building's Energy Efficiency?

A roof hatch can significantly increase your home's energy efficiency, and some are even applicable in combination with the building's green roof. UV filtering glazing is included in some energy-efficient variants, allowing for better temperature control. Those with unique features make them truly remarkable, so keep an eye out for these or ask an expert.

#3. Do Roof Hatches Come with Warranties?

Some roof hatches come with a reliable contract, while other commercial roof hatches with a two-year guarantee. Each warranty has an intended aim or design to keep consumers safe and happy with their purchases for as long as possible.

#4. Can Roof Hatches Make My Home Safer?

A roof hatch can make a huge difference in your building's safety. A roof hatch installation intends to protect your occupants from fires and floods by allowing emergency access to a safer location outdoors.

#5. Are Roof Hatches Easy to Use?

Roof hatches have to be simple to utilize and lightweight. Because most roof hatches are solid metal, they are heavy and challenging to raise. Opening different hatches one-handed is significantly more challenging.

Today, roof hatches from various manufacturers are lighter and easier to install. With gas pistons elevating the cover to an angle of 80 degrees, operating them one-handed is a snap.

#6. Can You Only Install Roof Hatches in New Buildings?

Most roof hatches are in new buildings since they are easier to install, although you can also add in older structures. It takes more thought and effort to accomplish so, but it is still possible.

#7. Will a Roof Hatch Affect the Building's Design?

Roof hatches have the feature that enables them to blend in with their surroundings and enhance the look of your building. You can paint these hatches any color to suit your ceiling to complete the aesthetics when closed. Manufacturers construct hatches with aesthetic quality in mind.

#8. Are There Different Types of Roof Hatches?

Roof hatches have different categories, mainly divided into three. Standard hatches range from 4 to 16 square feet and are slightly rectangular or square where you utilize roof ladders. Stairway hatches are rectangular and provide entry to the roof through a stairwell instead of a ladder.

These are usually around 11 and 24 square feet in size. Lastly, equipment hatches are substantial, with double doors and sizes ranging from 20 to 80 square feet.

#9. Do I Need a Roof Hatch?

Your local construction code may require the installation of a roof hatch based on where you reside. As more people become aware of the safety aspects of roof hatches, it is becoming more popular. If you're constructing a new or renovating an existing building, check your local codes to determine if an emergency roof hatch is required.

#10. Are Roof Hatches Fragile?

It takes strict quality control standards to build roof hatches today. It guarantees that your roof hatch will withstand wear and tear or exposure to various elements for many years.

The Takeaway

Roof hatches are critical for the safety and efficiency of roofers on commercial buildings. You get to experience simple installation, durability, and comfort. Some even include a skylight for additional lighting and temperature regulation.

Best Roof Hatches is your place whenever you need high-quality roof hatch products. We have a wide variety of roof hatch products made from robust materials and categorized for your convenience. We are delighted and eager to serve you! Call (800) 431-8651 now for your inquiries and purchase.