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​Equipment Roof Hatches Suitable for Your Building Needs

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​Equipment Roof Hatches Suitable for Your Building Needs

Posted by Best Roof Hatches on 2022 Feb 23rd

The roof area needs much tending because it houses many vital components essential for its function. The maintenance of this site is paramount to the structure's overall integrity and longevity. This need for better and quick access to the area necessitates installingequipment roof hatches, allowing personnel to pass through, answering some of the most common roof problems.

Various equipment roof hatches are available right now from multiple brands. However, the selection process might be confusing or downright stressful, especially for new owners. Here are some of the things that you might want to consider:

1. Size of the Roof Space

The size of your roof area is the first thing you need to consider when choosing an equipment roof hatch. It would be unwise to choose something big for your tiny roof space. It will look awkward and out of place, not to mention inefficient when it comes to conserving accessible areas.

Some have more extensive areas than most, so those buildings might consider using a double-leaf hatch. Meanwhile, those with tiny spaces might want to consider using a single-leaf hatch.

For the best selection, have a reputable roofer inspect your roofing area. Ask for the optimal size that could fit your site and consider where you will place them. If you have irregular space, you also need to consult this instance with your professional. They might offer custom sizes aside from the hatches they utilize for standard roof options.

2. What Facility Do You Have

There are buildings with special requirements, and due to their unique case, there are codes in place to ensure standards and safety. It would be excellent if you asked a professional regarding these instances to avoid the issues along the way. The facility is also one of the indicators for the material type of your roof hatch.

Some facilities deal with smoke and other hazardous particulates. Often, they have smoke vents to clear these harmful elements, but when it comes to inspection and quick access for repair and examination, they rely on a functioning roof hatch. You must know what facility you have to understand the needed requirements better.

3. Environment and Location (Security and the elements)

The facility's environment and location are also critical factors determining the type of roof hatch suitable for your building. You cannot install just any roof hatch in areas with high moisture and salinity because most of them would suffer corrosion and would degrade sooner than intended.

There are also those found in extreme weather conditions. Roof areas of such buildings must have protection against the sudden change in temperature to maintain the interior heating or cooling of the structure. Using the wrong roof hatch might cause higher bills, interfere with operations, or pose a hazard for the building.

If you are curious, the perfect roof hatch product for such an environment would be a thermally broken roof hatch, which functions like an airlock preventing any heat from escaping and altering the indoor temperature.


You can have the best options and peace of mind if you consult a licensed professional to take on what's suitable for your roof hatch needs. They may offer an excellent vantage point of other things that you might need to know before embarking on the following stages of your project.

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