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​How a Simple Ladder Access Can Provide Safe Roof Egress and Ingress

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​How a Simple Ladder Access Can Provide Safe Roof Egress and Ingress

Posted by Best Roof Hatches on 2022 Jun 8th

Accessing your building's roof should always guarantee safety because you don't want anyone injured. Fortunately, roof hatches exist so that people can access the roof without needing a ladder propped to the building's side. But getting up to the roof hatch may pose another issue, so the best solution is to install ladder access.

Ladders built for roof hatches provide the highest safety level due to their overall design and durability. Depending on what type your roof hatch or building needs, you can even get a retractable or a fixed access ladder. If you feel that your building doesn't need roof access ladders, you have to learn the different benefits it provides.

1. Quick and Easy Roof Access

When you need some roofing maintenance done, you send a roofing contractor up to the roof right away. They need to have roof access at once to finish the job quickly. Fortunately, installing a roof access ladder can help them gain roof entry with ease.

They don't have to ask your building's maintenance personnel for a ladder because they have the access ladder. People often get stuck on roofs for a while because the door would get locked after entering. That will never happen when you have a roof hatch and an access ladder since it can stay open due to its hold-open feature.

2. Anti-Slip Ladder Steps

When searching for a BILCO roof access ladder, you don't have to worry about users slipping when using them because all of them will have Anti-slip ladder steps. It's a crucial ladder feature because it provides an excellent shoe grip when climbing up and down. You can find many incidents where people slip when using the ladder and acquire serious injuries, but that only happened because they used a cheap ladder without any anti-slip ladder steps.

You also don't have to worry about the entire ladder slipping because you have the choice to install a fixed roof access ladder that you can bolt directly to the roof hatch. It won't move the slightest bit, ensuring that you have a stable ladder to climb onto to access the roof. In some cases, building owners prefer installing a safety ladder for roof access on the building's exterior area if they don't have a roof hatch to use.

3. Adhere to Building Codes

You have to know that some governments require specific buildings to install roof access ladders to follow building codes and regulations. That's why well-known suppliers like Best Roof Hatches exist to provide you with high-quality products that let you adhere to roof access ladder requirements. You must learn your government's building codes because they might need specific features on your access ladder, so missing one or a few of them may land you with penalties.

If you need a generic access ladder or a roof access ladder with a cage, you have to install one in your building all the time. Your contractors will also coordinate with you on which areas will require roof access ladders so that people going up the roof can access them without a problem. While you’re at it, coordinate with Best Roof Hatches so that you can get your roof access ladder straight away! You can contact us at (800) 431-8651 for more details about the product.