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​How Can Skylight Roof Hatches Improve Natural Ventilation

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​How Can Skylight Roof Hatches Improve Natural Ventilation

Posted by Best Roof Hatches on 2022 May 4th

Managing the internal temperature of a building is increasingly becoming a challenging task due to the fluctuating weather conditions brought by climate change. Many buildings are now upgrading to utilize new methods and technologies to optimize further and enhance their capabilities to counter such instances.

You can find many of these upgrades typically in some modern buildings. An example of such installations is the roof hatches used primarily by maintenance personnel. However, developments in its design now allow it to provide other benefits to the building and its occupants.

If you're curious, it might stir your interest to know what makes these hatches, particularly the skylight roof door, necessary for many buildings of today and some advice when selecting a roof hatch that meets your needs. Here's what to know about skylight roof hatches for natural ventilation:

Managing Temperature

A passive ventilation skylight is an excellent way to incorporate wind-driven ventilation into your design. They work best when combined with some other opening on the opposite side of the building. Wind causes a pressure differential, allowing air to move around the building through the two outlets. Professionals refer to this instance as cross ventilation.

Flat-panel skylights have a typical design that focuses straight at the light source, with little reflected or scattered light from ground cover or other structures. It allows them to let in up to twice as much light as vertical windows and three times as much light as standard dormers.

It's especially true in some buildings, where the inside reach of windows has limits. It is relatively usual to find that the darkest rooms in a facility are those closest to the entrance. With the rise in clients adding side expansions to their buildings, what they may acquire they may lose in available space because the initial one is too gloomy and unpleasant.

Some designs similar to a flat roof skylight hatch will have features like a glass panel that can allow natural light inside the building. It can provide a substantial decrease in cooling expenses and lessens the burden on your HVAC system. It proves to be helpful during the cold season, makes temperature management more effortless, and provides better comfort to your occupants.

Natural Ventilation

Many owners and managers see that their commercial buildings can significantly save from heating and cooling expenses when using roof hatches for natural ventilation. Energy-efficient flat-panel skylights are excellent examples of models you can have for your building as they optimize the energy-saving capabilities of your HVAC systems.

A vented skylight for flat roofs can improve nighttime thermal comfort by naturally allowing warm air to escape into the cooler evening air. Customized hatches can control a room's ventilation while adding a unique characteristic, depending on the design, brand model, and materials. Collaborate with an expert to get the best options for your setting.

Because there are no mechanical air conditioning equipment installations, your building will reduce ongoing maintenance expenses, and there are fewer sanitation or health issues associated with filters. In many applications, you can utilize natural ventilation technologies that provide a physical connection to the exterior environment and modify the indoor living area at the press of a button.

Utilizing the Roof Area for Additional Space

Getting the most of your building's usable space can pay off handsomely, especially in big cities, where a roof terrace or balcony increases the value of a property, with the value growing even more, depending on the location and city. Roof terraces and gardens are typically more exclusive and less likely to be noticed, and they can provide spectacular views of the city when the space has limits.

The best use of a flat roof access skylight is when a building or facility has a green roof. This place is an excellent location to unwind and gather, with other benefits such as contributing to managing the building's heat. The access hatch is a perfect entryway for your occupants to enter your green roof.

The Takeaway

Roof hatches are not just for maintenance. They add value and provide more to your building or facility through their various features and design. You can explore more by reaching out to some reputable experts or other owners and managers who utilize these installations and reap all the benefits of their advice.

At Best Roof Hatches, you can find an excellent and comprehensive selection of high-quality roof hatch products, all categorized for your convenience. You can undoubtedly find the product that will suit your project needs. Call us at (800) 431-8651 for more inquiries and information.