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​How Custom Roof Hatches Can Improve Your Building Security

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​How Custom Roof Hatches Can Improve Your Building Security

Posted by Best Roof Hatches on 2022 Jun 15th

Whether your commercial building is a bank, a hospital, or a school, the importance of building security is top of mind for general contractors and owners. Consider installing a customized roof hatch to keep your property safe and secure. Along with peace of mind, it will also make building components located on the roof more accessible for maintenance and repairs.

Selecting a roof hatch that meets your needs can sometimes be challenging, depending on your building's unique requirements. Most of the time, it is advisable to install an additional security feature that is versatile, functional, and secure. In addition, you can also install an insulated roof hatch to increase comfort and thermal efficiency in your building.

The best answer when you have unique requirements is custom roof hatches. These doors are an ideal solution for adapting to the needs of your building and protecting the building occupants. Paramount to that interest is safety and how you can improve it to protect your assets.

Here's how custom roof hatches can help enhance your building's security and other information that you need to know:

What Are Custom Roof Hatches?

A custom roof hatch is as the name suggests. It is custom-made based on your building's needs and the installation surface. Sometimes, there are roof areas with irregular dimensions, and that's where you can see the use of these installations.

Various components like your HVAC and air filtration units could have issues, and the only way to repair them is to have access to the roof. A suitable roof access hatch is an excellent solution, especially during maintenance or repair services.

How to Secure Your Facility with Security Roof Hatches

When your building requires additional protection, consider getting security roof hatches. The manufactured design of these installations allows easy, cost-effective entry to a building's roof while also providing a layer of security. The hatch's strong gauge materials make it excellent for protecting buildings like commercial, jails, and medical facilities, among other places.

There are two types of security roof hatches: medium and high. Depending on what your building security protocols require and roof hatch parts, you can integrate a suitable hatch specifically for your setting. You will need an expert's advice to select the type well-suited to your commercial roof correctly.

Preventing Unauthorized Access

Intruders can enter your building through your roof if it's vulnerable. They know that the area needs maintenance, and if your building perimeter security is inadequate, unauthorized personnel can compromise the safety of your occupants and the property inside the structure.

One of the most significant advantages of having a roof hatch is offering adequate security against intruders. It won't matter whether your office building security is extensive and has various features if you don't safeguard your roof access. Any intruder may easily break a simple door with a padlock; thus, it will not prevent them from accessing your building.

Office security best practices should involve the installation of a roof hatch. Unsecured and fragile padlocks are easy to break open, but if you secure the only opening with a roof hatch, you can rest easy knowing that no one will get through. If your building still doesn't have a roof hatch, you're missing out on the benefits of getting adequate building security.

The Takeaway

Never compromise your building's safety by installing the wrong type of roof access door. It will help if you understand what your facility requires and how you can optimize the hatch's security features to protect your business. Contact an expert roofer for their valuable insights before making any significant decisions.

Need a Roof Hatch?

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